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  July / 2010
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There's a lot going on in Anchorage as we enter the heart of our short summer season. The city tests a program to bring more accountability to probationers, it's smooth sailing at Lake Otis and Tudor and preparations for community budget dialogues are in full swing. Read on for more details and, as always, feel free to email me at, or follow me on facebook or twitter.
New approach brings promise of swift justice for parole violators
Mayor Dan SullivanOfficials with the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) and the State of Alaska Department of Corrections (DOC) have teamed up to test a new approach to handling criminals who violate probation. As a result, specific parole violators can now expect to face swift and certain punishment.

The DOC and MOA launched a test program this week meant to reduce crime and drug use by probationers by taking action immediately against offenders who violate conditions of parole.

This weeks announcement that Anchorage will test the State's Probation Accountability with Certain Enforcement (PACE) program, puts a fresh twist on some long-time ideas about crime deterrence.
For many years, classical deterrence has relied upon the threat of a mild punishment imposed reliably and immediately has a much greater deterrent effect than the threat of a severe punishment that is delayed and uncertain.

The PACE System targets high risk offenders, who if they violate their parole, will immediately be served by police with a bench warrant for an accelerated, in-court hearing.

The concept is to immediately stop smaller, more minor parole violations before they grow into a major offense.

The program is modeled after a similar system in Hawaii that realized a significant decrease in probation violations and repeat crimes after adoption.

"When technical violations occur there are immediate consequences and people on probation realized they are immediately accountable," said APD Chief Mark Mew.

Mayor Dan Sullivan said, "The Municipality of Anchorage, working with our fine police department, stands ready to make sure this program works and that criminals know that Anchorage is NOT a good city in which to commit crime or violate probation. This is good, smart justice, and we are proud to test the PACE model. DOC leadership is to be commended for their innovation."
Construction complete at one of Anchorage's busiest intersections
The worst is over for the thousands of commuters that travel through the Lake Otis Parkway and Tudor Road intersection every day; a major construction project is complete ahead of schedule. As such, no more intersection closures are necessary.
Lake Otis and Tudor now has new traffic patterns, including additional left and right turn lanes. The upgrade should allow traffic to flow more freely, thus reducing congestion and improving vehicle and pedestrian safety.
Work on the shoulder, bus stops and landscaping continues through October, so please be aware of workers and use caution while adjusting to the new traffic pattern. Visit for more information.
City-wide contest to recognize everyday heroes
This year during National Emergency Preparedness Month (September), the Municipality of Anchorage's Office of Emergency Management, Public Libraries, and the North America Outdoor Institute will recognize and honor the community's everyday heroes.
Beginning Aug. 1, citizens can nominate Anchorage residents who have acted as heroes during an emergency, or residents who have made exceptional efforts to prepare the community for emergencies through volunteerism and/or advocacy.
Traditionally, heroism is attributed to first responder and military heroes. But the extraordinary efforts of citizen rescuers who helped save the lives of four plane crash victims on June 1 are a stirring reminder that our community also has everyday heroes - regular people who see an emergency and take action.
A committee of emergency response and preparedness personnel will select community heroes to be recognized and receive awards at the annual Safe & Sound Emergency Preparedness Fair on Sept. 11 at the Loussac Public Library at 3600 Denali Street.
Who's Your Hero? will accept nominations Aug. 1-22 online, or by fax or mail. Contest rules and additional information are found online at
Your voice is needed! Plan to attend one of the city's community budget dialogues

advice is needed

The Municipality of Anchorage is facing difficult choices in these times of increasing costs and declining revenues. Upcoming spending, tax, and budget decisions will affect all Anchorage residents.
You are invited to participate in a dialogue about what sort of city you want to live in, what services our government should provide, and how to pay for them. Please plan to attend one of the following dialogues:
Wednesday, Aug. 4
Embassy Suites Hotel, 600 E. Benson Blvd.
Tuesday, Aug. 10
Eagle River Lions Club, 16630 Eagle River Rd.
Wednesday, Aug. 11
ASD Headquarters Bldg., 5530 E. Northern Lights Blvd.
5:15-5:40 p.m. light dinner
5:45-8:45 p.m. (starts promptly)
You don't need to be a budget expert to participate! These small group dialogues will focus on what is important to you, your family, and neighbors. The results will be a key input to the Mayor and Assembly members as decisions are made about next year's budget, services, and taxes.
Please go to for more information or to sign up. Walk-ins are welcome too, but space is limited.
Funding for these dialogues provided by:
Rasmuson Foundation
Northrim Bank
First National Bank Alaska
Municipality of Anchorage

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