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  April / 2010
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New budgeting method introduces
greater accountability
Anchorage mayor Dan Sullivan

Each day I think about how great Anchorage is as a place for families to raise children and for the opportunities we each have to achieve our hopes and dreams.  I also think about the hard work it takes by Municipal employees to make our community a place in which this can happen.

But the fiscal realities in which we developed the Municipality's 2010 budget will continue into 2011.  Tough choices will continue to be required in order to achieve a stable level of spending that the Municipality can annually afford. 

Compounding this challenge will be an expectation that the Municipality will deliver quality service at the best price.  It will be important that we clearly communicate to citizens the level of service they can expect and report the results achieved. 

Over the next few months each city department and division will develop a strategic framework that will serve as the tool by which the municipality communicates to citizens the purpose and value of the work done on their behalf.  Each strategic framework will include:
  • Program purpose;
  • Core services;
  • Key accomplishment goals; and
  • Performance measures by which programs are accountable to citizens for results delivered with tax dollars spent.
Public sector management involves a unique set of challenges shrinking resources, and greater expectations for service all combine to form a dynamic environment. 

The "Anchorage: Performance. Value. Results." (PVR) initiative is a framework designed to communicate to citizens the services currently being delivered and the results being achieved.  The anticipated results from this process include:

Communicate "bang for the buck." 

The framework will report to taxpayers on how well services are being delivered-and at what cost. 

What gets managed gets measured.    

The framework sets a more disciplined approach to set priorities and track progress in achieving them. 

Resources will be associated with levels of service. 

The framework's results will be integrated into the budget process and associate allocation of resources with expected levels of service.

The information in the frameworks will provide:  

Citizens with information on how well the Municipality is allocating its resources and if promised results are being achieved. 

Department managers with information to evaluate how best to allocate resources in order to improve program results; and

The Mayor with improved information to make resource allocation decisions based on the effectiveness and efficiency of services.

I look forward to the opportunity to review each city department's frameworks as we work through the 2011 budget process.
Bridge Builders to assume responsibility for city's diversity events

Bridge Builders, the organization created by Mayor Rick Mystrom in 1996 to promote harmony and respect among all cultures, will assume responsibility for planning and promoting the city's diversity events.

The offer made to Bridge Builders, which was approved unanimously by its 16-member board of directors, contained the following items:
  • The mayor will support and encourage the Anchorage community to participate in the Bridge Builders annual signature events, including: the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in Jan.; "Meet the World in Anchorage" in Feb.; the annual July 4th celebration; and the Bridge Builders International Potluck in Nov.
  • The Mayor's Unity Dinner will be combined with the annual Bridge Builders Gala for Excellence in Community Service in late summer/early fall. To launch this partnership, the mayor's office will provide $19,000, the approximate sum remaining from proceeds raised by the 2009 Unity Dinner.
The city's Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) previously managed many of the city's diversity events. With Bridge Builders taking the lead, the OEO is better positioned to focus on its core functions:
  • Investigate employer/employee discrimination complaints.
  • Ensure that companies that do business with the Municipality of Anchorage follow contract compliance regulations.
  • Ensure that Minority, Disadvantaged and/or Woman-Owned Businesses have equal opportunity.
  • Ensure Non-Discrimination in federally assisted projects.
Pothole Patrol
Spring has sprung, which means it's pothole season. To report a pothole, call the Pothole Hotline at 343-MEND (6363) or complete the "Street Maintenance Feedback Form," at

The city's Street Maintenance Division maintains 1,281 lane miles of municipal roads and approximately 200 miles of sidewalks and trails. Staffers maintain pavement surface, pedestrian facilities, storm drain facilities, conduct street sweeping, and plow and remove snow during the winter.
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New budgeting method introduces greater accountability
Bridge Builders to assume responsibility
Pothole Patrol

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