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Dr. Fleming and Dr. Mayer have a worldwide reputation for excellent surgical outcomes and impeccable patient care that attracts numerous rhinoplasty (surgery of the nose) and rhinoplasty revision patients worldwide. In more recent months, our younger patient population is telling us that their level of confidence has improved dramatically after having rhinoplasty. One of Dr. Fleming's patients even produced a fun DocuDrama video about her nose surgery experience and we have attached it below for your viewing pleasure.


Rhinoplasty is among the most common cosmetic procedures performed today. However, just because it is so popular does not mean that it is an easy procedure to perform. In fact, rhinoplasty is one of the more complicated of plastic surgery procedures because the nose itself is so complex. Nasal surgery can be done any time after physical growth of a nose is completed. This corresponds with puberty. The only exception is a younger patient with severe nasal obstruction or sinus disease. We perform rhinoplasty surgery to modify the nose by changing its size and sculpting the nasal structures so that the nose is in harmony with other facial features. When the surgery is done to improve appearance, we re-shape the nose on an individual basis to achieve a more desirable, natural, non-surgical shape. This is in contrast to the unfortunately common and obvious surgical appearance of the scooped-out, turned-up nose with a pinched tip. Surgery may also improve nasal breathing when the septum is deviated or the patient suffers from allergies or sinus problems. Regardless of what is needed, removal of a hump, decreasing the length or width, correcting a deviation, or in some cases building up nasal depressions, we tailor the procedure to meet the individual needs of each one of our Beverly Hills rhinoplasty patients.


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