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The Aging Baby Boomer 
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According to a recent study conducted by two surgeons at the University of Rochester, our bones age right along with our skin. Over the course of the study, the skulls of over sixty adults were scanned, and proved that facial bones, like skin, are living tissues which also show signs of aging over time. Through the years, defined jaw bones recede, as do cheek bones. Features seem to "sink in" to the face without the support of strong bone structure. Therefore, cosmetic procedures, where we reposition sagging skin, or inject fillers for additional volume are pointless, right? Wrong.
For those that need skeletal definition, BHI also offers facial implants for cheeks and chins.Cheek implants, or a Malarplasty procedure, is a perfect way to recreate youthful facial volume that is lost with with age. During the procedure, solid silicone implants are placed under the cheekbones to redefine and improve one's facial contours.
Mentoplasty, or chin augmentation, is also performed with a silicone-based implant. The goal of this procedure, like the Malarplasty, is to enhance and balance one's facial proportions. As the cheeks and jaw were the features that age most prominently, implants are a perfect way to restore youth and vitality to the face.
Facial fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse, as well as fat injections, restore lost volume with a natural-looking result, as well as smooth away wrinkles and folds. So, if you're interested in pulling a fast one on Grandfather time, give us a call!
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