THE BEVERLY HILLS INSTITUTE  Newsletter- Introducing the Vi Peel!
April 2010

Spring is officially here! The season of rebirth, fresh faces are in high demand. We're proud to introduce the Vi Peel, the newest facial treatment here at BHI!


Utilizing a specialized blend of herbs, vitamins and acids, the Vi Peel fights signs and symptoms of aging, acne, and discoloration. Its unique composition also results in a pain-free experience- virtually impossible with any other peel! Patients will also see results with just one treatment, while the peel proactively works to prevent further signs of aging down the road. As it does not burn the skin like other peels, it addresses problems at a cellular level, resulting in a much more enjoyable and satisfying experience for the patient. Furthermore, people with darker skin tones are able to benefit- previously unavailable with other skin treatments.


Contact us at (310) 278-8823 or come in to see Marilyn, our aesthetician, for additional information on the Vi Peel.


Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer of the Beverly Hills Institute
Contact us by calling  (310) 278-8823, or toll-free:
(800) 854-8823
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