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With Valentine's Day fast approaching, all eyes are on the lips! Full, sensual lips have defined sexiness throughout the ages; even as standards of beauty evolve, pouty, sexy lips have never gone out of style. It's no surprise that lip augmentation is one of the most popular and requested cosmetic procedures, especially this time of year. However, other forms of lip implants can leave lips looking and feeling unnatural...until now! BHI is now offering SurgiSil Perma Lip Implant, and is giving patients the opportunity to customize lips to their own standards of lusciousness!

Before/After SurgiSil                                                        Before/After SurgiSil
Up until now, other forms of lip implants have often lead to tissue hardening, creating lumps and changes in the appearance of the lips, and most fillers are temporary at best. SurgiSil, a soft silicone implant, is inserted through two tiny nicks in the lip. Due to it's soft, almost "gummy-worm" like consistency, it is able to move naturally with the lip creating a completely natural yet plump result! This technologically advanced, FDA approved implant also comes in a variety of sizes, to suit each individual patient. 

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