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Dr. Toby Mayer and Dr. Richard Fleming of
The Beverly Hills Institute
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Special Edition:
Holiday Newsletter
Pt. 2



From Jessica


My path to BHI, and ultimately Dr. Mayer, began with copious research after having a traumatic experience with a dermatologist who, unbeknownst to me, was masquerading as a plastic surgeon! Years ago, I had seen him for a rhinoplasty. Big mistake. Not only did he make my nose look worse than before, but I didn't even feel like myself anymore. After spending several years avoiding mirrors and doing some heavy research, I came across Dr. Mayer. I knew I could trust him to fix the extensive damage that had been done to my nose and my psyche.


Noses, apparently, are the most complex of plastic surgery procedures. I didn't even know there was a difference between the "open" or "closed" technique. I had been raised to "trust the doctor" and never thought to ask questions like I do when I am buying a car or another purchase. However, I wish I had done that with my first nose surgery because, knowing what I know now, I have realized that Dr. Mayer would have gotten it right the first time and spared me a lot of pain and embarrassment. Since Dr. Mayer first performed my revision rhinoplasty, I have had several other facial procedures at BHI, all of which have left me feeling youthful and beautiful. Most importantly, I feel good on the inside again. While most people don't like to say that you look different and ask what you've had done, they can tell I've experienced a positive change. In fact, my boyfriend (a doctor himself) was so impressed with Dr. Mayer's work that he went to see him himself! Coming from a fellow doctor, that's quite high praise.


My time at BHI, and with Dr. Mayer, has truly changed my life. Now, I can walk past a mirror and not immediately look away. He's given me back a large piece of myself and for that I cannot begin to express my gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Mayer.



From Tom


I was first introduced to Dr. Mayer after he had fixed a botched rhinoplasty that my girlfriend, Jessica, had several years ago. She was so thrilled with her results she suggested I see Dr. Mayer, as well. As an anesthesiologist, I work with many plastic surgeons on a daily basis. However, I had total confidence in Dr. Mayer's skills, and after seeing how good Jessica not only looked, but felt, I decided to go for it. I'm sixteen years her senior, and wanted to keep up!


Immediately after meeting me, Dr. Mayer knew exactly what procedures I needed to have to look my best. He didn't pressure me at all, but noted that there were certain surgeries that could improve my facial contours and make me look at least twenty years younger. I ended up having every procedure he suggested! It's now been three months, and I'm very glad I did.


In retrospect, I'm especially pleased that I still look like myself. Well, myself twenty years ago. I was so impressed with Dr. Mayer's expertise throughout the process; I never would have thought I would end up having more plastic surgery than my girlfriend! Now, thanks to Dr. Mayer, we're both looking and feeling great.