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Dr. Toby Mayer and Dr. Richard Fleming of
The Beverly Hills Institute
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Holiday Newsletter

A Spotlight on Plastic Surgery:


 From Julie

Right after my 60th birthday, I looked in the mirror and thought, "I could be a better-looking 60 year-old." I had spent a year in bed recovering from back surgery, and as a result, had gained some weight. I fought to lose the weight and eventually did, but the excess skin under my neck stayed! I couldn't stand to be 60 and have That Neck, so I began considering plastic surgery.

            I remembered that I had seen Dr. Fleming on a TV show called The View. He was a guest and was with 2 of his patients, a husband and wife who both had surgery by him. I had been so impressed with his kind, knowledgeable demeanor that the memory of that show stayed in my mind. His patient looked fantastic- completely natural and happy. When I heard he was located in Beverly Hills, I was sold! It didn't take me long to decide that he was going to be my surgeon. When I mentioned this to my family, I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear he had done my niece's Rhinoplasty! That was the clincher. She had looked so natural at the time I hadn't even thought to ask who her doctor had been. As it turns out, it was Dr. Fleming.

            Right away, I knew Dr. Fleming was going to give me perfect results. After five minutes of looking at my face, he knew exactly what procedures I needed to look youthful, refreshed and most importantly, like me. I had initially wanted to fix my sagging neck, but he suggested including a chin implant for optimal results. I had never considered that before, but I could just tell that he was a visionary and an artist so I put my trust in him, and have never looked back. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

            Since having the surgery, I have only had positive feedback. In fact, the people I didn't tell about going to BHI have no idea I look better because of cosmetic surgery; because the enhancements are that natural. In fact, I have even rekindled a romance with a man I have known for 22 years, and he can't even tell! Every time I look in the mirror, I still see me, but a more rested and rejuvenated me. Not the tired 60 year old I was wishing happy birthday to just a short time ago!