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Are Success and Good Looks Related?
August 2009


 Dr. Toby Mayer and Dr. Richard Fleming of The Beverly Hills Institute


A study in the Journal of Economic Psychology suggests that "attractive people" earn up to 12% more than their "Ugly Betty" counterparts. This could be proof that looking your best may not only help you socially but also economically. The truth is when you look good, you feel good! It's known that a confidence boost in the workplace coupled with a strong work ethic results in more money and an overall increase in job satisfaction. In these times of lay offs, job shortages and economic decline, looking your best on the job, or for the job, is more imperative than ever before.


 Here are some tips to see if it's time to give your confidence a makeover!

How To Know You're NOT Aging Gracefully...

Dr. Toby Mayer & Dr. Richard Fleming's Top Ten Tips



#1 You feel energetic, but people constantly ask if you're tired.


#2 Your driver's license photo is the best picture you have of yourself.


#3 Even after using creams and gels, you still can't get rid of those dark, baggy under eyes - the raccoon look.


#4 The Marionette Lines (lines that run along the side of your mouth down to your chin) have deepened and have become more pronounced over time - people think you look like Charlie McCarthy.


#5 The folds of skin around your jaw line and chin sag and move slightly when you shake your head. Translation? You have jowls.


#6 The crows feet that were just once around your eyes have begun to march all over your face, which is mistaken for a freeway map.


#7 Your peers look significantly younger than you and are referred to as your children.


#8 You have trouble combing or styling your hair to hide thinning or bald patches in the wind.


#9 Your lips don't pucker into a soft, billowy shape, but form a barely noticeable slit.


#10 You use glasses, hats or bright makeup to draw attention away from the face.



Drs. Fleming and Mayer can alleviate all these symptoms! 

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