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Back To School
For Noses! 
July 2009



 Dr. Richard Fleming and Dr. Toby Mayer of The Beverly Hills Institute
Although the summer has just begun, this is actually the ideal time to obtain that perfect nose. At BHI, our patients who will be returning to school in the fall like to take advantage of the long hot days of summer to undergo Rhinoplasty, or surgery of the nose.  The reason they do this is because it takes weeks for the swelling to go down after surgery.  Although most swelling is gone within a relatively short period of time, it takes longer for the delicate tissues of the nose to heal and repair completely. 
Nose surgery is actually one of the most complicated cosmetic surgery procedures to perform, and is one that can provide major improvement to the appearance of the face.  The inner structures of the nose are extremely complex and intricate. It requires the skill of a talented facial plastic surgeon to get the right outcome on the first surgery. As the nose is the most prominent feature of the face, it is imperative that it be performed to perfection the first time.  Both Drs. Fleming and Mayer are experienced Rhinoplasty Experts trained in facial plastic surgery and have performed literally thousands of rhinoplasties and Revision Rhinoplasties over the course of their careers. If nose surgery is on the books before returning to school this year, make your appointment now. Our summer schedule is filling up fast!

Last summer I had my nose surgery before I went back to school because I was tired of people telling me how much I looked like my dad. I actually look more like my mom than my dad, however, I had his nose. Sorry dad! I think your nose looks great on you, but as a young teenage girl, it was just too big for my face. 
            One of my aunts had surgery at BHI and I really thought that she looked great. She looked natural and just like herself, only more refreshed.  I certainly did not want a fake looking nose or one that looked like a ski jump.  I wanted a natural looking nose, one that fit my face proportionately. Other than feeling a little stuffed up after surgery, my nose was completely pain free. I had some swelling and bruising, but I could instantly see the results of the surgery.  Within a matter of weeks my new nose and facial area was less swollen, the bruises were gone and I thought my nose looked perfect.  Now it has completely settled in and I am so happy to say that my nose looks like well, my nose.  Not my dad's!