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Issue #7                                                    Summer, 2012


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It's been a while since I've sent out a newsletter, so I'm happy to share some new content with you that I think you'll find quite interesting.


When people have a meaningful session with a psychic-medium, a question that often comes to their mind is, "What is the medium actually seeing or hearing and what is this experience like from their vantage point?" To answer to this question, I contacted two top mediums and asked them to describe what they experience during a reading. You'll find that article just below this intro message.


Below the article you'll also find a link to a page where you can download FREE chapters of my book, Soul Shift: Finding Where the Dead Go. If you've already read the book, please feel free to share this with other people. And if you haven't read the book, why not take advantage of this opportunity for a free read?


I also have some information on one of my favorite Mediums, John Holland, including a great video clip.


And I have links to audio downloads of sessions at the recent International Conference on After Death Communication. Many people told me that they wanted to attend but just couldn't make it, so these audio downloads are the next best thing. 


Enjoy!  Mark Ireland




Interview With a Psychic-Medium


I felt readers might appreciate an opportunity to take a glimpse into the nature of what it's like to conduct a reading from the perspective of a medium. To gain these insights, I interviewed two top people in the field and am sharing some of their responses here. 


I first spoke with renowned English medium Linda Williamson. I explained to her that Mediums often say things like, "spirit tells me this," or "they're showing me that," and the layperson may not understand exactly what is transpiring, much less gain a sense for what that medium is experiencing. So I asked her to explain what it means to "hear spirit."


"It's an inner voice," Linda said. "And I can tell if it's a man or a woman or if they have an accent but it's really mental communication. Sometimes I get it as a definite voice, while at other times it's an impression of the words or of a thought."


I then asked about the process by which she sees spirits. Linda explained that at one time she limited herself by making statements such as "I can't do this," or "I can't do that." But once she stopped thinking in those terms Linda found that she was able to able to see more and more over the years.


"My technique now is to take some quiet time in advance of when the sitting is scheduled. I then tune into the guides and to ask them to bring to me the spirit communicators that the sitter wants to hear from. I then concentrate and I try to see them. I ask that they show themselves to me. I don't see them as if they were flesh and blood. But I do see them-rather like a hazy outline-so I have an idea of the person's height and build, for instance."


I'd often wondered whether mediums see spirits through their eyes, just like you would see another living person, or if they were detecting a strictly mental image. So I asked her.


"I do see them with my eyes open-they are definitely there, outside of me. And although I'm not seeing them as if they were physically present, I definitely see them. I know that I'm looking at something outside of myself because if I close my eyes I am unable to see them."


Sometimes I see things very clearly, sometimes just get a mental picture, and sometimes I don't see anything at all. But I need to explain that it works on different levels. I'm always using my inner senses, not the outer ones. I tune in, asking the deceased to show themselves to me. If you're talking to someone you look at them and it's the same with the deceased person. I need to look at them in order to establish a link. In my mind, I say, "Tell me who you are, what you want to say, and explain your relationship to the sitter." So I'm listening, but the words are not actually audible. I'm getting a sense of the communicator, feeling what kind of personality they have. I feel their emotion: if they're very eager to get through or if they wanted to share an answer to a particular question. So I'm working with all three things-seeing, hearing, and sensing-all at the same time.


After tuning in, I look at them to determine if I can see them more clearly. At the same time, I'll begin to sense their personality or receive a message from them. Very often it will be just a few words which I will share with the sitter. I ask the sitter if they understand the phrase or word. I don't really know what I'm talking about, in the sense of meaning-I'm just passing on the words. 


It's important for her not "embroider" the information because it can lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings. So she always tries to report exactly what she is hearing and seeing. "There was a lady that came yesterday. I was seeing pictures of fruits and vegetables. I wondered if they indicated something about her diet."


But Linda simply relayed, "I'm seeing fruits and vegetables." As it turned out, the woman's husband worked for a fruit and vegetable supply company.


Linda had been given a lot of comfort from another medium when her father died. During her reading the medium correctly stated her father's name, sharing, "He says that when he was dying he told you that he wasn't afraid." And it was true. "That kind of proof really helped me at that time." This was a key factor in Linda's desire to become a medium, because she saw how much a good sitting could help a person deal with the death of a loved one.


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About John Holland: Medium and Author


I had the unique pleasure of getting to know John Holland last April, during the Inaugural International Conference on After Death Communication. John's mediumship demonstrations were superb as he delivered specific information to a number of individuals that was confirmed accurate. John is also a student of psychic phenomena & mediumship and is very well read on the subject. He knows about the people who preceded him in this field and acknowledges their work. John is also a gifted author, so I wanted to let you know about one of his books, Born Knowing


Following is a video clip that demonstrates John's exceptional abilities.

John Holland on A&E Biography 1 of 2
John Holland on A&E Biography 1 of 2

 Visit John's website

Sessions from The International Conference on After Death Communication Now Available for just $3.99 per download 


Whether you were unable to attend this remarkable conference, you came but missed some of the sessions, or you just want to remember all of the great content, you'll want to take advantage of this opportunity. Audio Downloads 
To re-live some of the great moments, visit the ICADC site to see a slide-show.


John Holland, Justine Schrimsher, Mark Ireland, and Tina Powers at the 2012 ICADC
Mark Ireland and Tina Powers at the 2012 ICADC


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