January 13, 2012                                                         18 Tevet  5772

Friday, January 13, Celebration Shabbat, 7:30.

Join Rabbi Kipnes and Cantor Cotler for Shabbat services. Rabbi Kipnes will discuss 

5 Places that Need to Relearn the Lessons of the Exodus from Egypt. 


Pre-B'nai Mitzvah honoring Daniel and Isabel Brown.


Redemption Comes Thru Singing


Me, My Wife and Bruce Springsteen


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Remembering Debbie Friedman


Dan Nichols Singing Redemption

Cantor Doug and Dan Nichols Sing Together
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Bruce Springsteen, Dan Nichols and Electrifying Music


Child SpreeNot long ago, Michelle and I listened to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in concert at the LA Sports Arena. The music was incredible, creating an intensity of experience that was unsurpassed. Although we had great seats, we walked around, taking in different vibes in different parts of the Arena. 


Our favorite place was right behind the stage, where we joined the undulating concertgoers, dancing with the music, singing along. I remember it feeling electric; the music transporting us to a higher plane of awareness and connection (no booze or drugs involved!).

Music is like that. Electrifying, exhilarating, intoxicating. Music can transport us to higher planes of existence. I notice it whenever we go to a concert. Or go dancing. W

hen just sitting in the sanctuary listening to Cantor Cotler when he is in the groove.

Music is Intoxicating for Youth
There is nothing like watching young people sing and dance to music. As much as we adults are moved by music, our kids are brought to another even higher level by their music. Sometimes I peek at them and their friends as they lose themselves in whatever music is streaming out of their iTunes, Pandora or...  

Our Jewish youth movements have long recognized that if we want to our teens to connect with Judaism, we need to provide ample opportunities to connect with great music. Their music. Only with a Jewish twist. 


Cantor Doug Cotler does it for generations as he invests contemporary melodies with Jewish tropes. When the late Debbie Friedman first took the music of the 70's generation and set Jewish words to the tunes, she transformed Jewish teen experience forever. Today people like Dan Nichols, Julie Silver, Rick Recht and others are doing the 

same for today's teens. There is even Jewish Rock Radio, streaming Jewish rock/pop/rap/grunge/punk, now listened to by Jewish teens all over the country.  

Connecting Teens Thru Music
If you want your kids to connect Jewishly, bring them to a Jewish Rock Concert. Watch them interact with their peers, even those they don't know, as the music transforms them and transports them.

That's why on January 28, a Saturday night at 7:30 pm, Or Ami is bringing nationally known Jewish rock musician Dan Nichols to Or Ami for a Jewish rock concert. Our teens in LoMPTY and their peers throughout NFTY Southern California, as well as their friends who attend Camp Newman, Hess Kramer, Hilltop, JCA Shalom, and Alonim are beside themselves with excitement for this Jewish rock concert. Teens are planning to stream in from all over southern California. 


[Watch Cantor Doug Cotler and Dan Nichols sing together. Watch Dan Nichols singing Redemption.]

A Mosh Pit in the Sanctuary
So we invite you to connect or reconnect your kid to Judaism and Or Ami in a uniquely energetic way. Bring them (yes, you should attend but like me will sit toward the back and sides, while the kids are in a mosh pit in the center of the sanctuary). The concert is appropriate for all ages, but every 6th-12th grader should be at or Ami for that 1+ hour experience. Adults should come too.

Tickets are only $10.00 ahead of time (reserve yours online here) or $15.00 at the door. Seats will sell out, so reserve yours now. Reserve your tickets here.

Music speaks louder than words. Make sure your kids and their friends are at Or Ami for this Jewish Rock Concert. 



And as always, I invite you to join me in discussing these significant Jewish issues.  Email me at Rabbipaul [at] orami.org or call the office to set up a time for us to get together and talk.

L'Shana Tova,

Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Congregation Or Ami

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