Paul Kipnes and Nancy Kasten at Kotel
Rabbi's Shabbat Shalom
from Jerusalem, Israel
February 27, 2009
3 Adar 5769
Shabbat Shalom

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Paul Kipnes and Elaine Zecher in Tel AvivShabbat Shalom!  I'm writing this having just returned from Jerusalem.  Shabbat has descended upon the city.  My extra Shabbat soul was full, as I worshipped with a full house at Kehillat Kol Hanishama, and sang Shabbat songs and had dinner with my former Bar Mitzvah and clarinet teacher Garri Regev. 

That I am in love (with this country) is an understatement.  That I am rediscovering its beauty and wonders is so meaningful. 

Of course, I have been blogging about it.  Catch my reflections, my pictures, and some links to my colleagues' blogs about our Rabbinic convention.  All here at Or Am I? (my blog).
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Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Congregation Or Ami

May this week be filled with Ahavah (love), Refu'ah (health), Parnasah (economic security), and Shalom (peace)
Rabbi Paul Kipnes
Congregation Or Ami

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