Why Didn't I? ...

Go to IBSi to shop my group client's dental, disability, life and vision coverages?

We've teamed up with some of the best carriers in the nation to offer your clients a range of ancillary products - dental, disability, life and vision. 
Why Didn't I? ...
  • Call IBSi to find out if they have a carrier that will cover 100% related groups? 
  • Go to IBSi for carriers that cover complicated SIC industries? 
  • Call IBSi to help find ortho coverage for small groups? 
  • Call IBSi to find out more about "reasonable and customary" charges?   

Why Didn't I? ...
Call IBSI for exceptional service and knowledge?



One-stop access to multiple carriers.
When carriers compete for your business, you and your group clients win!


We are experts in plan selection, tailoring the right product/carrier combination based on each group's needs.
This saves you time and increases your closing ratio!


As a major production source for our core partners, we can negotiate the most competitive rates possible.


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Last Look

Over 90% of the time, IBSi can negotiate a better offer for your life, disability and dental clients when an agent provides us with the last look