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Did you know there are services available to automate your proactive prospecting strategies?  What I mean is this:  You set up an alert on the names, issues, companies you want to track and the work is done for you daily so you can sit back & wait for the results to pour in.  It's really that simple.  Some of the services are free and some are fee-based.  My article this month highlights a sampling of what you'll find out there.

Do you have a favorite I didn't mention here?  I'd love to hear about it.  Visit my Facebook page and leave me a comment.

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This Friday!  Talking Push Technology on Nonprofit Radio!

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio will be interviewing me on Push Technology at 1:30pm Eastern on Friday, March 23.  My tips will help you whether you're with a nonprofit or a business owner.

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Push Technology    

Here is a sampling of companies offering Push Technology, alerting you to new opportunities to connect with your best prospects:

FREE Services
Google Alerts: 
Set up alerts on any phrase of importance to you and decide on the frequency you wish to receive those alerts.  Any new web mentions are pushed to you for review.

LinkedIn:  Set up 3 Search Alerts and let them mine their database, sending you results weekly or monthly.  Premium subscribers allowed more saved searches.

NYTimes:  News Tracker service allows for customized alerts.  You can narrow by section or topic of interest.

NJBiz:  NJBiz Daily & Morning Round Up pushes important NJ news to you daily.  (Other states have biz publications, too.)

Forbes:  PeopleTracker service via RSS Feed alerts you to Forbes articles & mentions of prospect in SEC filings.

FEE-BASED Services 
TenKWizard:  Track individuals or institutional names for new mentions in SEC filings.  Demonstrates 'money-in-motion'.

Hoovers:  Track companies.

Bizjournals:  Tracks 40 different regional markets for business news.

FoundationSearch:  Get notified when new foundations are formed in your state.

WealthEngine:  PortfolioMonitor alerts you to prospect's trading activity.

iWave:  CTelligence Data sends out monthly recap on new donations made by individuals, foundations, corporations, geographic location, gift range, and gift type.  Unlimited alerts allowed & one email recap monthly.

HEP WealthTracker:  Appears useful for the higher Ed community to track alumni.

The Prospect Finder is committed to helping you find and connect with your best prospects for long term business relationships.   

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