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When you're ready to create a lasting and memorable impression on your clients, you're ready to create your own logo. Your company's logo is one of the most important things you will ever use to solidify your image and your position in your marketplace.  


Give your Company a Dynamic and Unique Identity 


          Let's talk first about what a logo is. It is not your brand, butbranding rather a component of your brand. Your brand is made up of a variety of elements, such as your company's culture, your particular market, the offers you extend to your prospective customers or clients, and your market positioning which creates an identity for your product or service in the minds of your target market.


          When a logo is created, it must be immediately recognizable, and transmit your identity and the values of your brand in a matter of seconds. For this reason, the creation of a logo requires expertise in knowing the key elements of a logo, and correct assessment of the company's market as to whether simplicity or complexity is required.


          For example, the Nike "swoosh" is clearly recognizable. It's remarkably simple, and very unique. You don't even have to see the Nike name to know that it is a Nike product when you see the "swoosh."


          At first glance, such a logo seems basic, and easily created. nike-logoBut if you look a little closer, the Nike logo incorporates many elements that are more subliminal than obvious. The "swoosh" denotes movement forward; maybe even a leap that entails hitting the ground and springing upward. Nike is all about fitness, movement and just "doing it." Its logo clearly and expertly expresses this. And did you notice that nowhere in its logo is the company name? If the logo is expertly designed, the company name isn't necessary; the logo automatically brings it to mind.  


          At The Logo Company, we know that many elements comprise a great logo including design, color, font and trend.


          Consider a logo for a medical company. A black-colored logoMedical Company Logo would not be appropriate, because black does not convey wellness, hope and healing.


          Now imagine a high-tech smartphone company. Using a script-like font in the logo would be illogical, because script makes people think of something old-fashioned, personal and elegant, not high-tech.


          And while many people would think creating a trendy logo is important, it could actually be detrimental. Your logo must stand the test of time, and a trendy logo could make your company look dated within just a few years.       


          If you already have a logo, you might consider giving it a facelift. Even great logos such as Coca-Cola have been carefully updated through the years, to keep it fresh while maintaining recognition.

Coca Cola over the years 


          Whether you need a new logo, or would like to update an
existing one, The Logo Company can create a timeless, dynamic and memorable logo for you. With our years of experience, we know when to incorporate detail and when to stay away from it. OurWow your clients with a stunning logo  custom logo design packages give you a choice of unique and genuinely original logo ideas from multiple designers with five initial variants, unlimited revisions and a full suite of high resolution and low resolution EPS, Web and JPG files for use in print and online applications.


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