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Colette Fu, DCCA Pop-Up Book, 2010
Ultrachrome ink prints mounted onto cardstock, bound in iris cloth, 13" x 42"
The Book: A Contemporary View

Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery
Dec 22, 2010 - Apr 17, 2011

Wilmington, Del. - 16 December 2010 - The Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts presents THE BOOK: A Contemporary View, an exhibition of work by 48 artists, from Dec 22, 2010 - Apr 17, 2011 in the Carole Bieber and Marc Ham Gallery. There will be an exhibition opening event during the Friday, February 4th Art on the Town.  Informal artist gallery talks will begin at 6:30 pm. On March 25th and 26th the DCCA will present The Art of the Book in the 21st Century, the 2011 Gretchen Hupfel Symposium. The symposium will feature lectures by many artists who are presenting work in The Book: A Contemporary View. The press is invited to attend any of these events.  Please contact Sara Teixido, Director of Marketing and Communications for any further information.

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About the Exhibition                              

This exhibition addresses the themes of the book as object, subject, and concept.  Stretching the definition of book, the show includes artist-made books, deconstructed books, and book installations.  In an age where the printed book may soon be an anachronism, artists remain fascinated by the subject and materials of the book. 

There are graduate programs devoted to the art of making books, guilds and organizations both national and regional around bookmaking that support the activities of small presses, artist-made books, and collectors of limited edition and one-of-a-kind books.  Additionally, there are a number of artists who use books as a medium for their works.  They carve books into sculptures and deconstruct books, turning the spines and pages of books into works of art.  Some artists are fascinated by the printed page and concentrate on the lettering and language of books to create one-of-a-kind two- and three-dimensional works. Others are inspired to create installations and works that suggest book forms.  The show also includes a boxed collection of paintings, a tradition used by artists for making "books" with removable pages, and an accordion book of prints by a group of Cuban artists.

J. Susan Isaacs, PhD., Curator of Special Projects, has organized this exhibition to take into account all of these approaches.  Participating artists include Blanka Amazkua (manipulated Mexican pornographic comic book pages), Melissa Jay Craig (wall installation of book forms), Colette Fu (pop-up books), Jody Alexander (book installation), Buzz Spector (artist-made book), Brian Dettmer (altered book), Doug Beube (altered book), and Ulla Einstein (the deconstructed book). The exhibition will present, through the work of 48 nationally-known artists, various conceptual and formal approaches related to the idea of the book. 

On March 25th and 26th the DCCA will present the 2011Gretchen Hupfel Symposium, The Art of the Book in the 21st Century, which will complement the The Book: A Contemporary View. The Symposium begins Friday evening with a keynote talk by Buzz Spector, book artist and Dean of the College and Graduate School of Art in the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, Washington University, St. Louis, followed by a cocktail reception. Saturday will begin with a continental breakfast followed by morning presentations by artists Douglas Beube and Melissa Jay Craig and a talk by Mark Dimunation, Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress. After a box lunch, afternoon speakers will include artist Brian Dettmer and Bettina Richards, founder of Thrill Jockey records. Presenters will explore the myriad approaches that contemporary artists take when exploring books as vessels for ideas, how limited editions are collected and preserved, and how limited edition books are used in the music industry. Visit the symposium page on the website: The press is invited to attend.

The exhibition will later travel to Towson University in Maryland where it will be on display in the Center for the Arts Gallery from September 8 - November 5, 2011.

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Artists from left to right:
Brian Dettmer, Jody Alexander, Tobi Kahn, Blanka Amezuka, Doug Beube, Buzz Spector

Exhibiting Artists:
Jody Alexander ● Cristina de Almeida ● Blanka Amezkua ● Nava Atlas ● Alicia Bailey ● Libby Barrett ● Siona Benjamin ● Doug Beube ● Amy Borezo ● Sarah Bryant ● Crystal Cawley ● Long-Bin Chen ● Melissa Jay Craig ● Stephen Daiber - in collaboration with 15 Cuban printmakers- Oscar Osmeivy Ortega, Eduardo Hernández Santos, Orlando Montalbán Rodríguez, Angelmaidelín Calzadilla Fernández, Jesús Reyes Romeu (Chucho), Hanoi Pérez Cordero, Jannette Brossard Duharte, Darexis Valle Rodriguez, Isolina Limonta Rodríguez, Luis Lamothe Duribe, Alejandro Sainz Ramos, Dania Fleites Díaz, Aliosky García Sosa, Norberto Marrero Pirez, and Yamilys Brito Jorge ● Jill Dalton ● Brian Dettmer ● Ula Einstein ● Jan Estep ● Lauren Faulkenberry ● Cui Fei ● Colette Fu ● Anne Gilman ● Turner Hilliker ● Andrew Huot ● Chika Ito ● Tobi Kahn ● Marie Kelzer ● Carole P. Kunstadt ● Louise Levergneux ● Susan Maguire ● Leah Oates ● Tara O'Brien ● Claire Owen ● Amy Pirkle ● Amee J. Pollack ● Rosae Reeder ● Johanne Renbeck ● Miriam Schaer ● Clarissa Sligh ● Buzz Spector ● Laurie Spitz ● Marilyn Stablein ● Beth Uzwiak ● Elysa Voshell ● Susan Weinz ● Susan White ● Michelle Wilson ● Dennis Yuen
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