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August 2012 - Special Invite

When you think of Faith Exchange, imagine a "Farmers Market." A virtual place that brings the "growers" or in this case, "practitioners" together to share fresh ideas and support one another in a commitment to the nurturing of an organic faith in Jesus Christ that is deeply rooted and sustainable for a lifetime.   
Resources for
Faith Formation

Lutheran Association for Christian Education
Facebook Ask any question and  receive a response from one of your peers across the USA. LACE web resources.

Faith Formation Journeys
A helpful blog and resources by two of our own,  Leta Arndt Behrens & Brigette Weier.

Vibrant Faith at Home
Resources to equip the home.

Lifelong Faith
John Roberto's extensive resources for all things related to lifelong faith.

Equipping Households of Faith a video resource.

Service and Learning
a resource for home and congregation that can be downloaded.

Linda's All time favorite:
The Jesus Storybook Bible



If you live in the Front Range of the Rockies and you are a Christian Educator or someone who is responsible for faith formation and lifelong learning in your congregation, you are invited to:  


Network with other paid and volunteer leaders on Thursday, September 20th, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the RMS office, 455 Sherman, Denver, CO. Beverages (and chocolate) are provided. Bring your own lunch. 

A primary purpose of this time is to meet Pastor Sarah Moening. Beginning August 15, Pastor Sarah joined the Rocky Mountain Synod staff full time and will have responsibility for supporting you in Children, Youth & Household Ministries.   
This will be a time to share your hopes, dreams and vision for continued support of your roles and further development of faith formation and discipleship in our congregations, that goes deep into our homes and daily lives.  

I will continue serving on staff for 6-months in a transitional role as the new Bishop, Rev. Jim Gonia, and his staff continue to connect you, engage you and offer support for all aspects of your life and ministry together.  

Bring or be prepare to tell about a favorite resource

you are using this year (past or future) in your ministry with children and/or youth and their families. 
If you haven't already, please RSVP by email. Or call or text 602-740-3752. 

Blessings this day, at home and away,   Linda 

Please use the Forward email link below to inform your colleagues and friends about Faith Exchange, especially those serving in roles as Christian education and faith formation leaders for any age or stage across the lifespan. The forwarded email will include a link so they may subscribe to Faith Exchange.

Linda Staats,
Assistant to the Bishop, Youth & Household Ministry           ELCA logo           
Rocky Mountain Synod

602-740-3752 cell

"For me and my house we will serve the Lord!"
Joshua 24:15