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to learn to live like Jesus by practicing discipleship through peacemaking that works for justice

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2012 ELCA Youth Gathering


* 645 from 50+  
congregations in
4 states
* 25 Volunteers
* 13 MYLE participants
* 1 MYLE Chaplain 
Issue: 3
May, 2012


Hey friends! Only ten more weeks and we'll see you in NOLA!

In addition to this e-newsletter, we are using the ELCA Youth Gathering Bound RMS Congregations Facebook page as a means of connecting and communicating between these newsletters. It's a fast and an easy way to stay up-to-date. You will find many helpful tips.

Please make sure that at least one member of your adult leader team is in this group. Or better yet, sign up all your adult leaders. In order to get in the group, first friend me (Kristen) so that I can invite you to the group.

Missed the first issues of this newsletter? Let Linda know.

So, check out all the latest, up-to-date news below!

Kristen - Rock On!                         
Kristen Baltrum, RMS Gathering Coordinator


Linda Staats, RMS Gathering Coach

Batrtum  Staats


3TC (3rd Tuesday Conversation) May 15:  

A panel of youth ministers experienced in bringing young people to the ELCA Youth Gathering. Call in to hear all of their great advice! You can email, text or tweet in your questions! Register ahead of time.   

  •  Getting Ready  This six-session resource offers an amazing opportunity to dive deep into the Gathering themes, the Bible and the lives of our youth. The weeks of preparation spent preparing will help enrich your experiences and learning - during and after the Gathering. Previous Gathering participants, adults and youth, say time spent with the Getting Ready resources made all the difference! 
  • Medical Form  - everyone needs one!   
  • Heidi Hagstrom Blog:   

Housing Confirmation letters and deposits are due May 15th!
Log into your congregations account, scroll to the bottom of the page. This will bring up your official paperwork that you need to print and send to the hotel with your deposit.  Send to: 
Sheraton Hotel, 500 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130, 
ATTN: ELCA Youth Gathering Reservations.  

Final payments for registration are due on or before May 26! Scholarships are posted for all recipients. Primary Leaders need to login to their congregation's account to view and print the "Balance Due" letter. Print the letter and mail it along with your payment to:  
                    PO Box #798291, St. Louis, MO 63179-8000.

* Don't forget to put congregational ID number on the memo line of the check!

* NO PAYMENTS will be accepted on site.

* Many blessings to you as you wrap up your fundraising efforts!!! 
* 56 ELCA Bishops are attending, participating, preaching!
* We are joining 33,000 Gathering
participants from around the Globe!    

* Everything you need to know related to transportation can be found here:

Groups with mobility/special needs movements should contact Groups can expect an e-mail back within approximately 7 days of the request being made.

* Buses for Practice Justice launch:  If you are bringing a bus to the Gathering, the Gathering would like to use it for the Practice Justice Days. Please check out this web site with all the info. Buses will be given one number to call for info when they come to the Gathering.

* Shuttle reservation site: 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering Airport Transportation  


Monday, July 16:
50 registered for DAYLE.
Registration still open. 750 registered for MYLE   

MYLE/DAYLE registration begins at 2:00 pm. Congregations attending MYLE register for the ELCA Youth Gathering when they check-in and will not go to the convention center on Wednesday. Those attending MYLE will be transported to their synod hotel at the conclusion of MYLE.   


Tuesday, July 17: Convention Center 

Early bird registration noon to 5pm.


Wednesday, July 18: Convention Center 

* Registration opens at 8am and continues throughout the day.

* Youth may explore Practice Peacemaking while adult leaders at Orientation.

* Participants will receive a backpack with a Bible, Map, Book mark.   

* Champion Square, at the Dome, opens at 4pm. Stages with music!   

* Food vendors are ready! They will have vegetarian and vegan options.


Thursday, July 19: Practice Peacemaking Day - Convention Center 

* We will be assigned one of three morning start times for worship.  

* Arrival is 30 minutes before worship time. NOTE: Once groups arrive at the convention center, it will take 15 minutes to get to worship area. Only way to enter Practice Peacemaking experiences is through the worship area. From worship, groups are guided to a myriad of meaningful Practice Peacemaking experiences.

* Practice Peacemaking space is open to everyone beginning at 1pm each day.

* There will be a webinar before the Gathering to prepare for the Practice Peacemaking experience.


Friday, July 20: Practice Justice Day - Begins in Dome  

* Later in May congregations will learn their arrival time, launch, gate, bus number and assigned project area. Each congregation's assignment will be in your final confirmation page.    

* Note that the project assignments may change before our arrival in NOLA in July. Be prepared. Be flexible.  

* Wear your Justice Shirt! Check out the RMS Facebook page for "How to Dress for Success on our Practice Justice Day!"  

* There will be box lunches this day - more info to come.  

* Remember to goal is "to BE" not just "to DO."  


Saturday, July 21: RMS Practice Discipleship Day - Convention Center   

* 8:30am - Arrive at our assigned ballroom, currently in Convention Center 

* Allow 15 minutes to walk through convention center to arrive at our space 

Our worship and small groups Learning begins at 9am

* RMS musicians will lead us!  

* 12:45pm - groups sent out on discipleship tours and faith practice scavenger hunts.  

* The brochure guides will be available on the web-site before the Gathering for planning purposes. Each participant will be given a brochure on their Practice Discipleship Day.

* Each participant should bring their Gathering Bible and a pen/pencil with them to their Practice Discipleship day.

* This is a great day to make reservations for a more leisurely group lunch.    

* Today wear your RMS shirt or congregational t-shirt, if you ordered one. If you would like to purchase a synod shirt for everyone in your group, order directly from the Old Lutheran site.  




Hosting our Madagascar Guests for the ELCA Youth Gathering. The RMS is hosting two youth and an adult from Madagascar, our Companion Synod. The total cost to our synod is $10,000 which covers all expenses related to their travel and all Gathering costs. We need gifts of another $2500 to meet our commitment. As you complete your fund raising, consider giving a small % to help host our international guests. We will be gifted with their presence with us in our synod and at the Gathering.  Make checks out to RMS and mark, "Madagascar Youth Gathering Guests."      


 Gathering Offering:

The offering collected during closing worship on Sunday morning, July 22, 2012 will support four domestic and international ELCA ministries. 

  1. 100 Wells Challenge
    This is a special offering of money to build wells in places around the world that don't have access to clean water. One well cost $2,500.  
  2. The Million Book Project: The ELCA Youth Gathering is encouraging the giving of new books this summer to children in New Orleans.The average child in Louisiana is 2 1/2 years behind grade level. Literacy is directly linked to future earnings as an adult and is related to a person's capacity to escape systemic poverty. Teachers and principals in NOLA have created a list of the books needed. Scholastic is offering an option to purchase 4 books for $15. Books may also be ordered from Amazon. Check out the web link above for details.  
  3. Supplies for Service experiences:  ELCA youth will participate in service experiences, Practice Justice, throughout the city of New Orleans. Individuals or congregations can support the service of youth on behalf of the ELCA by giving to specific equipment and project needs.  
  4. Hair Donation: Hair needs to be clean, dry &  offer a minimum of 8 inches for cutting. No permission form is needed. More information can be found at    
  5. Blood Donation:  Click here to learn all the details. There is a permission form for those 16 years of age that needs to be filled out by a parent/guardian. 



ORDER CUSTOMIZED T-SHIRTS: This is a great time to make sure you order your ELCA Youth Gathering bling. Old Lutheran is the official store for the Gathering, and the staff there is ready to help you design a shirt just for your congregation! Go to Old Lutheran and follow the links for custom CWTS stuff.

ADDITIONALLY, OUR SYNOD HAS A T-SHIRT! THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you would like to purchase a synod shirt for everyone in your group, order directly from the Old Lutheran site. We'll wear them together on Saturday, our Practice Discipleship Day! Click here to order.


Start planning/ordering your SWAG!

This is the "give away" item that is fun to trade all along the journey.
Bracelets, pins, decorated clothes pins, custom beads, etc are all super cheap and easy to give away. Is there something that is unique to your congregation/location/state or city? Check with your Chamber of Commerce or large stores for contributions. Mark your "give aways" with your congregations name and city/state and you will be remembered!




located in the Practice Peacemaking Space in the Convention Center:


Monday, July 16th                         11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Tuesday, July 17th                               11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Wednesday, July 18th                      8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Thursday, July 19th                             11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Friday, July 20th                                   11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Saturday, July 21st                               11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Sunday, July 22nd                           CLOSED


Discipleship Trainings -   THANK YOU!

The ELCA Youth Gathering in partnership with the ELCA Youth Ministry Network  brought you the Practice Discipleship: The ELCA Youth Ministry Training Project.

You are invited to keep equipping all adults working with youth in your congregation by watching the nine archived on-line webinars and training videos.They are great preparation for participation in the ELCA Youth Gathering, as well youth group meetings, mission trips, service projects, Bible study and other events.    

Thirteen on-site, face-to-face trainings took place throughout the RMS this past year. Almost 300 youth and caring adults participated in one of the trainings. connecting youth and adults and building a network of congregations committed to effective youth and household ministry. 

Check-out the ELCA Youth Gathering Bound RMS Congregation's facebook page for photos of these gatherings led by our RMS Gathering Core Team.