July 2012 Newsletter                                        

Team News




Walt Anderson - July 16

David Monceaux - July 17

Steffen Tiskus - July 17

Bob Maloney - July 22




Steffen Tiskus - 12 years




MSL Sales Associate, KATHY EARLEY, at the Abilities Expo 2012 in Chicago.



Customer Service Kudos



 MSL Associates, Inc would like to recognize Amy DeCoste from RAZ Designs for providing outstanding sales support for our team and our customers! Look for a Starbucks gift card in the mail! 



NuDrive EVO - New HCPCS Code for DME Billing Assigned E0988


EO988 Manual Wheelchair Accessory, Lever Activated, Wheel Drive, Pair

The ROHOŽ Institute offers FREE Webinars!


ROHO Institute 

Understanding the Mystery of the Medicare Seating Codes


Wednesday, July 25 at 6:00pm - 7:00pm Pacific Daylight Time  or Wednesday, August 1 at 6:00pm - 7:00pm Eastern Daylight Time


To register or for more information visit The ROHO Group website page:

Help Needed! Complex Rehab Technology Act Petition


NRRTS, NCART, manufacturers and many industry professionals have been working hard to develop legislation to create a separation of benefits for those individuals requiring complex rehabilitation equipment.


Our bill, Ensuring Access to Quality Complex Rehabilitation Technology Act of 2012 (HR4378) has been introduced and we are looking for additional co-sponsors.   We presently have 14 co-sponsors for our bill, but we are in need of many more if we want to get this bill passed.

Please f
ollow this link and sign the petition supporting HR4378: or go through the NRRTS website at and follow the prompts.


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July 26-28, 2012

6th Annual Rehab Summit

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August 24-25, 2012

Independence Expo

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September 18, 2012

Freedom Designs

Simply Seating

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September 20, 2012

Freedom Designs

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November 15-18, 2012


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James Bendall,COTA

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Devon Doebele,PTA


Kathy Earley
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Jill Girard
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James Keating
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(OH, WV and W.PA)
Phone: 440-622-9155

David Monceaux, ATP
(West Coast of FL)
Phone: 727-423-3696

Jodi Smigelski, ATP
(Central FL)
Phone: 352-638-5169

William Smith, ATP
(FL Panhandle, MS, S. AL)
Phone: 769-232-6047

Steffen Tiskus, PT
(N. IL, S. WI)
Phone: 847-722-4916