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Team News




Amy Gress - 11 years

Jill Girard - 8 years  


Customer Service Kudos



MSL Associates. Inc, would like to recognize Tom Mathes from Pindot for providing excellent customer service to our Associates and our customers.


Thank you Tom! Look for your Starbucks gift card in the mail. 


Bodypoint Joystick Handles


Need a solution for a user that continually pulls the joy stick handle off?

Try Aerosol Hairspray! It provides a very solid, permanent mount

Click the image below for a video that shows 2 methods for securing a joystick handle, the latter shows the hairspray option. 

Welcome to the ROHO®Cushion Comparison Chart!


You can now compare up to 3 ROHO Seating Cushions all at one time!

Located on the ROHO website under Medical Products/ROHO Cushion Comparison Chart, you will find a new interactive tool that helps compare ROHO seating cushions to ROHO seating cushions.

This tool offers the ability to compare up to 3 ROHO seating cushions at one time, all on one page. Check it out! 
Free Stand Track System from Waverly Glenn


The innovative Free Stand Track System has been designed

with both caregiver and client in mind. Easy to assemble,

this portable ceiling track system, comes ready to use and can

be assembled by one person.


Assembly takes just minutes with no tools required. The Free Stand is designed for use in conjunction with Waverley Glen's industry leading C-300 ceiling lift system.




Product Highlights


 -The strong, rated capacity of the track frame is 300 lbs.
 -The entire lightweight unit is only 46 lbs.
 -Adjustable in height from 5.0- 7.5 feet

 -The lift frame is easily assembled in about 6 minutes, without
  any tools, by a single person


Team News


Tom Mathes, ATP , Manager of Education and Business Development for Pindot Custom Seating provides education and training with local representative James Keating in Georgia. 


(Ted Hyde, ATP with Pediatric Mobility in Macon GA

and Tom Mathes with Pindot.)


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