February 2012 Newsletter                                        

Team News



David Miller - February 2

Kathy Earley - February 5

Devon Doebele - February 15




William Smith - 3 Years 





David Monceaux working with local therapist on proper positioning on a ROHO Quatro Select Cushion.



Customer Service Kudos



William Smith, of MSL Associates, Inc., would like to recognize Jean St. Hiliareof ROHO Group for providing outstanding customer service!


Great job Jean! Look for a Starbucks gift card in the mail!



The ROHO Institute


The ROHO Institute continues The ROHO Group's strong tradition of education and training with expanded resources for both the prescriber and provider.

Advance your base of knowledge with the latest online CEU programs, case studies and other valuable tools. Please contact your local MSL Associate for information pertaining to on-site CEU programs in your area.




Visit our website for information on MSL Exclusive Promotions!
Darrin Hammond from the ROHO Group is presenting a CEU Course called Dynamic Seating and Positioning at the Gainesville VA. 


Bodypoint Elastic Chest Straps
Bodypoint LOGO Newsletter

The elastic chest strap is a versatile, easily removable anterior trunk support, abdominal support or positioning tool for therapists, users and caregivers. The simple thumb loop, hook-and-loop (similar to Velcro) closure provides easy, one-handed opening and adjustment.   


Waverly Glen Sequoia 2 Point System


Waverly Glen 



The Sequoia 2 Post Free Standing System has a weight capacity of 400 lbs (181 kg). The weight of the entire system is less than 90 lbs. Easy assembly is completed in less than five (5) minutes with NO TOOLS. Carry bags are available for simple transport and storage. 


Free-standing track systems do NOT require installation, mounting or pressure fit with the ceiling. They are ideal for rental situations or where permanent track installation is difficult.



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The ROHO Institute
Bodypoint Elastic Chest Straps
Waverly Glen Sequoia 2 Point System
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