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Mike Laky - September 11




Please join us in welcoming Lauren Sansonetti to Team MSL!


Lauren SansonettiLauren's role will be Inside Sales Support. She will be based out of our Tampa office working in conjunction with our outside sales force. Her main duties will be assisting with scheduling, coordinating education programs, lead follow up and other support tasks. Lauren is currently a senior at the University of South Florida studying business and marketing.


We are thrilled to have Lauren (and all her energy) as part of our team!


Did you know?

Bodypoint Did You Know


New Product by ROHO!

Roho's PostureLITE is a self-adjusting air and foam wheelchair cushion that gently contours to the individual to redistribute force. The new cushion is designed for individuals who may require basic skin protection and weigh less than 350 pounds.



PostureLITE's preset air and foam design offers a perimeter air expansion chamber that easily adapts to an individual's body shape to provide comfortable suspension and skin protection. Its closed system design, using a combination of air and foam, provides fail-safe support that does not need adjustment.


Prism Medical Case Studies

prism medical 


Prism Medical has partnered with the University of Toronto, McMaster University, and community organizations and institutions for its 2011 Moving and Handling Residency. Occupational Therapy students underwent rigorous theory based and applied moving and handling best practice education. 


Once completed, the students educated clients, caregivers, and health care providers throughout the community. The Prism Medical Case Studies reflects the diverse range of transfer needs encountered by the students and each client's specific moving and handling solution.


To receive a copy of these Case Studies, please send an email to


MSL Spotlight

Jodi Smigelski of MSL Associates, Inc. entertains while a child receives Movement Therapy from the MOTOmed at the SMA show in Orlando, FL.



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September 21-24, 2011

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Freedom Designs Seminar
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