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Jeannie Lorey - August 9

Susan Broadwell - August 7 



Jeannie Lorey - 4 years


Did you know?

The patented design of the Bodypoint Stayflex Anterior Trunk Support includes a stabilizing lower panel to limit stretching and riding up. The Elastic pad material allows a comfortable, controlled amount of stretch. Plus, the lower quick-release swivel buckles self-adjust to the line of tension for proper fit and placement.


RAZ-AT Shower Chair

RAZ Rehab Shower Commode Chairs - Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of the discerning healthcare professional. 

The RAZ-AT rehab shower commode chair tilts up to 40 to provide extra pressure reduction and comfort. The unique frame design utilizes lockable gas springs that help lift the seat to an upright position, making the RAZ-AT one of the easiest tilting rehab shower chairs to operate.


Prism Medical - Pressure Fit System



Prism Medical's Pressure Fit Rail System is a unique, portable, ceiling lift solution. Our unique patent pending, one step height adjustment allows for set up in less than two minutes. Ceiling lifts are widely regarded as the most effective transfer devices for homecare environements and the Pressure Fit system finally makes it available with no permanent installation required.



  • Height adjustable from 7'-9'
  • Constructed of high strength aluminum with a 440 lb weight capacity
  • Track adjustable in length from 7'-10'
  • Each component weighs no more than 25 lbs
  • Measured pressure between floor and ceiling will ensure that ceilings are not damaged 

The ROHO Group

Did you know that you can buy

ROHO Hand Inflation Pumps and other replacement parts from The ROHO Group at Other replacement parts include ROHO Repair Kits, replacement inflation valves, ROHO Cushion Retainers and replacement covers. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Annual FESAiR Conference in Vancouver


David Monceaux presented at the annual FESAIR Conference, in Vancouver, BC, to an international team of Medical Professionals. David shared his practical experiences using MOTOmed/Hasomed's FES Cycling as a Home and Clinical Therapy program. Tracie Entler, a C5-C7 quadriplegia, was the featured case in his presentation. Objectives were documented and outcomes were followed for four months. The inluded reduction of spasticity, build muscle mass of gluteal to reduce pressures under ischial tuberosity, controlling edemia, increasing blood circulation, rebuilding muscle tone, and improving overall quality of life.


The experiences were very successful. Within the two months substantial reduction in edemia was documented. Muscle tone increased and blood pressure stabilized in resting and cycling confirming FES Cycling improves overall quality of life. Using Xsensor pressure mapping technology we showed a reduction of pressure forces on the Ischial Tuberosity after two months of stimulating the gluteal maximus with Hasomed FES in sequence mode which allow unit to be used in freestanding.


We are so encouraged by our findings we decided to continue the study with Tracie. David will be adding dynamic standing in conjunction with FES Cycling to create a Well Being Program. Our bodies are designed to move and stand. Many medical complications come in to play when these functions don't occur.

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