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Walt Anderson - July 16

David Monceaux - July 17

Steffen Tiskus - July 17

Bob Maloney - July 22



Steffern Tiskus - 11 years


Bodypoint 20 years

jgfIn celebrating my 27 years in our industry it seems like only yesterday there was a buzz about a new company offering solutions in pelvic support and control. Here we are 20 years later and now have the privilege of representing Bodypoint Designs in 20 states as they celebrate their 20th year anniversary.


Made in the USAWith their superior quality and innovation, Bodypoint has grown not only domestically but is distributed in over 20 countries worldwide. If for some reason you are not currently using Bodypoint Designs as a primary vendor for these products I encourage you to contact your local MSL Associates' Representative.


(Click here to see Bodypoint's 20 year video)


Often, due to the high quality and durability, vendors have the misconception that a high cost must be associated with the product. You will find that Bodypoint Designs is not only competitive in price, it will offer you savings in reduced service calls, an increase to your bottom line as well as popularity with referral sources, creating a win-win solution for you and your patients.


Congratulations Bodypoint on 20 years of excellence!




Mike Laky, ATP

President, CEO

MSL Associates, Inc.

Established 1998

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The ROHO GroupThe ROHO Group has launched a new product called the SOFFLEX 2 designed for individuals who require skin/soft tissue protection. The SOFFLEX 2 provides the same effective ROHO shape fitting technology® force redistribution known worldwide.


The SOFFLEX 2 is made of flame-retardant polyurethane. It is composed of three sections that can be separately adjusted to each body area to meet the needs of the individual. The SOFFLEX 2 is non-powered so you don't have to worry about power-outages or energy costs. There is also no noise or heat from a pump.

It is lightweight at only 6.5 pounds (2.9 kilograms) and fits most standard 
hospital beds. The SOFFLEX 2 is easy to transport from care facility to home, so there is no need to get a different mattress overlay for each setting.

For more information, please contact your MSL representative.

Prism Medical

prism medical

Prism Medical has the most comprehensive range of lift, positioning and transfer products on the market and is now manufacturing these products domestically in the plant in St. Louis. 

Along with state of the art products and support, Prism Medical is the company that brings you knowledge. Prism Medical offers a series of CEU accredited Safe Patient Handling Seminars.These seminars are designed to heighten the awareness of new techniques and products related to the safe transfer and repositioning of the mobility impaired.

You will benefit from Prism Medical's knowledge and experience of more than 20 years of research and development in transfer and repositioning products. Call your MSL representative to find out the details on the next seminar in your area.

NuDrive Wheelchair Propulsion

MSL Rep Nudrive 
 (Mike Haven, MSL Associates Representative (GA) with newly certified NuDrive providers, Medical Equipment Specialist). 
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