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Mike Haven - June 26th



Jill Girard - 7 years

Amy Gress - 10 years


The ROHO Group


Made in the USAMSL Associates, Inc. has proudly represented the ROHO group for over 10 years in 21 states and Puerto Rico. The ROHO Group not only offers a diverse line of high quality seating, positioning and protection wheelchair cushions but some of the finest solutions of specialty surfaces, both powered and non-powered. As an industry we should all salute this family owned company that has been a stallworth supporter of education and legislation protecting not only our patients but our livelihoods.

The ROHO GroupWhen options are available you can do no wrong in offering any of The ROHO Group's high quality products, thus providing the end user excellence while supporting one of the cornerstone companies in our industry. On behalf of myself and our team, I invite you to learn more about ROHO and utilizing them in your purchasing decisions.




Mike Laky, ATP

President, CEO

MSL Associates, Inc

Established 1998

NuDrive: "Push your boundaries"


nudrive banner 

NuDrive - The world's first lever-drive propulsion accessory for manual wheelchairs with levers that can be added or removed in seconds to existing wheels, allowing the user their choice in propulsion. Provides the user with a mechanical advantage of up to 2:1 offering a solution that is lightweight, affordable and universal.

Currently available in the following states:



Call in to NuDrive today to schedule your certification:

(866) 738-6552 ext. 106

TiLite AeroX Series 2


Tilite AeroX Series 2 


MSL Associates visits European partners

(Mike Laky and Jill Girard join the HASOmed FES team for dinner)

(Mike Laky and Jill Girard join the RECK Company/MOTOmed for dinner) 
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Upcoming Events

June 25-26, 2011

Independence Expo

Long Island, NY


July 8-10, 2011

Abilities Expo
Chicago, IL


August 1-3, 2011

PVA Games
Pittsburgh, PA


August 26-28, 2011

Abilities Expo
Houston, TX


September 21-24, 2011

Dusseldorf, Germany


September 23-24, 2011

Independence Expo
Orlando, FL


October 24-27, 2011

Atlanta, GA


November 18-20, 2011

Abilities Expo
San Jose, CA


December 8, 2011

Freedom Designs Seminar
Miami, FL





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