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William Smith - March 2nd

Jodi Smigelski - March 3rd

Jeannie Lorey - April 4th



Michael Haven - 2 years

David Miller - 1 year

Walt Anderson - 7 years

Ivan Quinones - 2 years

Sean Powers - 4 years


bob maloney 
Congratulations to Senior Associate, Bob Maloney for an outstanding 2010. Bob's overall sales growth was 26%! Bob will be celebrating his 9th year with MSL Associates, Inc. Nice work Bob!


MSL Associates - 2011 CELA

MSL Associates, Inc. had the privilege of joining forces in Washington D.C. at the 2011 CELA (Continuing Education and Legislative Advocacy) conference. Our mission was to spread the word on the need to create a Separate Benefit Category for Complex Rehab Technology.



The members of our State Delegation are: Back (Dr. David Portee (ORMC-Lucerne), Carey Britton (Active Mobility Center), Thana A. France (Browning's Health Care), Michele Gunn (Browning's Health Care), Mike Laky (MSL Associates, Inc), Jill Girard (MSL Associates, Inc.)

Front: Robert Melia (ORMC-Lucerne), Marty Ball (TiLite)-missing.

Together with our providers, clinicians, manufacturers and consumers, we visited over 200 Congressional offices with our message. During this time we defined Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), the equipment, the type of individual that requires the equipment, the team approach in selecting the proper equipment, and the process involved in providing the equipment all which total 17 different steps. 

Our final request was for Congressional support or sponsorship of legislation to create a Separate Benefit Category for CRT.
The fight is not over, as an industry we need to continue to battle to protect our rights and most importantly those of our consumers. 
Biodynamics: Bio-ST Seats and Backs




The Bio ST seats and backs have been designed with the highest level of functionality while equally considering the need for durability. The HDPE "skeleton" used provides significantly greater strength and will also prevent warping or rotting when subjected to moisture. 

Prism Medical - Sequoia


prism medical 

The Sequoia Free Standing Gantry is ideal for situations where either an urgent hoisting solution is required, or the requirement for hoisting is only short term.

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