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2012 marks two decades of success for DISTek. Employees celebrate customers, vendors, suppliers, and the local community with events throughout the year.


From Our Engineers

"Few tasks are more exhilarating than moving something with software. Whether writing drivers or calling them, I enjoy the careful attention to detail required to make our customers' end products safe and reliable." 

- Chris, DISTek Expert

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Modeling and Simulation Brings Off-Highway Vehicles to Market Faster

Through the last decade, modeling and simulation of software in embedded systems has provided an analytical approach to solutions for complex problems. 


Learn what model-based software development (MBSD) is, why it is becoming a preferred development method for many features in off-highway vehicles, what advantages MBSD gives to engineers, and how modeling and simulation helps produce a shorter time to market.


Read more about modeling and simulation.


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Featured Project: Reliable HIL Tester

A worldwide supplier of agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment needed an HIL test system to test ECUs in an agricultural vehicle individually or as a group on a simulated vehicle.


DISTek developed a physical test stand and corresponding software with NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand that allows an operator to execute a test sequence. The new system assists an operator in creating and managing these sequences, if necessary.



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Creating Portable Code
Is your code as portable as you think it is? 

Learn how paying attention to types and type-casting can help you create more portable code. 


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