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August 2012

Dunham-Bush Americas Newsletter
Welcome back! The Dunham-Bush Americas team set forth on our missions and goals, and with much effort throughout this past year we are making great strides. We formed a strong alliance, and have built a successful team. We forecast this next year to bring great fortune and we are certain DB as a conglomerate will be a strong force on the market. We strive to continue communicating through all of our various platforms, and will continue to establish direct communications to all who represent the DB team.   
We look forward to sending you these newsletters quarterly. 
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Presidents Corner     
Dunham Bush has been working diligently to develop products that are more energy efficient and cost competitive. With the introduction of the WCFX-E product line they have been able to achieve both goals. We now have a screw compressor product that competes almost head to head with a centrifugal compressor and in some cases our screw chiller is better at full and part load. We still have a bit of a challenge with IPLV where the centrifugal and oil less compressors operate at 0.33+ IPLV. This is due to their incorporation of a VFD for low load conditions but Dunham Bush is working on and field testing screw compressors with variable frequency drives.
This new WCFX-E series of chillers is very cost effective plus energy efficient without variable frequency drives. We should all point out to our customers that in many cases the chillers with the very low IPLV with variable frequency drives do not have much of a or a very long payback period. Most business people would prefer to take the cost savings up front and not to make an investment that has a payback of 15 years - the life of the chiller.

More new products are in the works..........

Warm regards, 
David  Hogan


       DBA's upcoming Service training: 
Please send in your confirmations for the DBA service training.(see attached link below for confirmation form)
Tuesday, October 23rd-Thursday, October 25th
The Newport Beachside Hotel and Resort
16701 Collins Ave. Sunny Isles, FL 33160
Reservations: 1-800- 327-5476
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Technical Training

Please send a warm welcome to DBA's new Sales Representatives: 
  • Mitchell Tech - Dallas,Texas
  • Associated Air Products - Miami
  • JWS Refrigeration - Guam
  • Innovative Air- Idaho
  • Innovative Mechanical Solutions - Indiana
  • Climate Systems - Iowa
  • Contract Sales - Kansas
  • Plibrico Company-Nebraska/Missouri
  • Stipp and Powell - North and South Carolina
  • Oldach Associates- Puerto Rico
  • AC Engineered Systems - Houston,Texas
  • Refricorp - Peru
  • Econfort Equipos-Mexico
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Case Studies 

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Newport Beachside Hotel Resort  


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Service Tips



 When designing or retrofitting a chiller plant, it is important to keep it simple with our microprocessors and to provide the majority of all control outputs via the chiller control system. In doing this we will prevent any issues with the chiller plant.

We have built into our standard design the ability to control the following features:


  • Chiller water pump control (primary or secondary)
  • Chilled water pump VFD control  
  • Condenser water pump (VFD optional)
  • Cooling tower fan control
  • Cooling tower VFD control
  • Condenser water regulating valves
  • Chilled water valves
  • Inventory sensors
  • KW monitors
  • Chiller staging and sequencing

This will help in the efficiency of the chiller, it will  also help to eliminate where the problem was created when there is an issue with the plant. With having our chiller control these items it is a single source responsibility.  Please contact our office if you are interesting in learning more about these features.


David Hogan 

Noel Garcia 
VP Sales Latin America 
Justin Hogan
VP Sales North America
Eric Hogan
VP Finance & Logistics
Barry Mykoo
Sales Manager/Caribbean
Leonardo Ampie
Application Engineer
Katie Gilton
Application Engineer
Rolando Perez 
Application Engineer
Carl Barnard 
Part Sales Manager
Nemury Valladares
 Service Manager
Nicole Hogan
Executive Assistant
Elissa Diener
Marketing Manager

Neisis Valcourt

Secretary Assistant


Tip of the Month


 Thermal Storage - In today's economy most  building owners are looking to reduce their energy cost while providing the most efficient, economical air conditioning as possible.  One guarenteed solution that DB offers is thermal storage. Our unique thermal storage systems mimic the action of a battery. Compared to a battery, energy is stored when not in use. Such as off peak or night hours which are the least expensive. This stored energy is then used during the peak hours to help reduce the operating costs as well as providing savings up to 20%-40% annually! An added addition to the savings in electricity,  thermal storage also can help earn LEED credits by reducing refrigerant volume, savings on electrical cost, and equipment reductions. 

Dunham-Bush is currently the only manufacture on the market that can provide an turnkey solution for Thermal storage. We  manufacture the chillers, own the patented ice cel, controls, air side equipment, and engineering allowing our product exclusivity.  Please feel free to contact our office for smaller skid mounted packaged systems or large built up thermal storage systems.

Please click on the link below to view the Thermal Storage brochure.

IceCel Sell Sheet 


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Project of the month
DB Sales and Service based in Garden Grove, California worked with the engineers at the Dunham-Bush factory to assure the chiller met all standards suitable to Microsemi.   
For further information regarding this project please view the case study link below:
  Microsemi                                          Microsemi           
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