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Dunham-Bush is proud to present the new WCFX-E Series 60Hz
Water Cooled Rotary Screw Flooded Chillers with nominal cooling capacity from 66 to 930TR(232 to 3271kW), 3271kW is available in both hermetic and semi hermetic design. 

The WCFX-E Series 60Hz employs our Dunham-Bush unique yet high efficiency, advanced technology vertical screw compressor to provide excellent performance stability. The multiple compressor units provide redundancy and favorable part load efficiency.
The WCFX-E Series 60Hz is certified to AHRI 550/590-2011 and ETL listed.

The WCFX-E Series 60Hz featuring flexible DDC advanced Vision 2020i controller with a 7" TFT 65000 colors touch screen, together with transducer type liquid level sensor and electronic expansion valve to provide excellent capacity control and stability.
PHE type subcooler is employed to increase capacity, improve system efficiency, and also system stability. Premium and Superior vessels are available for the highest efficiency requirement.
WCFX-E Series 60Hz is readily matched with DB Ice-Cel to provide Ice Thermal Energy Storage an integrated system solution to advert power crisis. 
Please click on the WCFX-E Series 60Hz Sales brochure for more favorable features. 
WCFX-E Series will be officially launched April 2012. 
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