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March 2012

Dunham-Bush Americas Newsletter
We welcome all of you to the Dunham-Bush Americas team. Our mission is to form an alliance, and create a team. Our goal is to utilize this platform, along with a few other forms of communications, to establish a successful, consistent flow of information. 
We look forward to sending you these newsletters quarterly. 
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       Presidents Corner     

The past several months have welcomed significant changes to the Dunham-Bush company, products, and reps. I am pleased to have been granted this opportunity to re-structure, re-define, and build upon what is already existing. 

I have a very strong team currently working with me, and we aim to continue to impress our competition with the Dunham-Bush product. We are ambitious, confident, and secure that 2012 will prove successful. Our office and warehouse complex is located in Hialeah, Florida serving all sales and service activities for the Western Hemisphere. 

We are excited to have you, our reps on our team, and we feel with such a stable structure in place our fortune is limitless. 
Thank you for being apart of our dynamic team, we sincerely appreciate the efforts, and support. 

Warm regards, 
David  Hogan

Keep your eyes peeled for: 
  • Product Specification Hooks- to ensure the competition stays just that! 
  • Case Studies- write ups on our impressive projects from around the globe
  • Projects Won- Projects DB team members have been awarded
  • Current Events- Trends happening in the market place near & far
Case Studies 

Please take a few minutes to read through our latest case study. 
All of our Case Studies can be found on our website as well  


 Soho Beach House



Service Tips



Discharge superheat for Rotary Screw Compressors


Importance of

 Discharge superheat in rotary screw compressors:


Typically on a Dunham-Bush screw chiller utilizing a flooded evaporator we try to maintain a minimum of 25F of discharge superheat (DSH).  By maintaining the proper DSH we can ensure the oil is being seperated from the refrigerant and keeping the adequate oil level in the compressor sump.  When the DSH lowers to unsafe operating parameters, the oil will leave the compressor and eventually get logged in the evaporator.  Once this occurs it will cause erratic behavior of the system and eventually cause unwanted alarms. Below are a couple of points that can be added to the logic of our microprocessor that will help maintain the proper DSH and smooth operation of your equipment:


  • Condenser fan cycling                 
  • Cooling tower fan control
  • Condenser water pump control
  • Condenser by-pass valve
  • Low DSH control, this feature will detect low DSH and unload the compressors until the DSH reaches an acceptable level



Meet our
 DBA Team  
David Hogan 

Noel Garcia 
VP Sales Latin America 
Justin Hogan
VP Sales North America
Eric Hogan
VP Finance & Logistics
Manuel Morena
Sales Manager
Mexico/South America
Barry Mykoo
Sales Manager/Caribbean
Leonardo Ampie
Application Engineer
Katie Gilton
Application Engineer
Rolando Perez 
Application Engineer
Carl Barnard 
Part Sales Manager
Nemury Valladares
 Service Manager
Nicole Hogan
Executive Assistant
Elissa Diener
Marketing Manager
Dayana Sanchez 
Secretary Assistant


Tip of the Month
When using DB chillers you can add a shell and tube factory installed desuperheater for hot water reclaim for domestic use or other hot water needs. In addition to the desuperheater  producing free hot water, it also improves the efficiency of the chiller by 3%
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Project of the month
Free cooling in Ohio
Northrich company based in Cleveland, Ohio worked with the engineers at Dunham-Bush to design a free cooling air cooled chiller. 
For further information regarding this project please view the case study link below:
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