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Ever had your finger caught by the hammer! Try using a comb to hold the nail. 
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An Efficiency Tip From a Reader!

Our lawyer, Brian Reiss, submitted the following tip:

'Do the worst first! When I have multiple projects and some are fun and some are less fun, I do the worst one first so that I don't have to feel dread all day that I still have to do it. I just get it done and move on to the things that are more enjoyable.' 

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A few days ago, while on hold trying to resolve a bill discrepancy, I caught myself staring at my computer screen - not very efficient! So I grabbed my head-set, and started to organize my desk drawer while waiting to talk to the customer service representative.  

Next time you're on hold for any call, use this opportunity to tidy up a desk drawer, one file folder, or an area on your desk. Make it a habit every time this happens. You will be amazed by consistently tackling little items how it can produce a big impact over time.


Maximizing my time, I'm always game for that! 

If you have any task combinations or tips you want to share, email me - [email protected] and I'll share them.


Adriana in the News
  bIZ tv

 Are you working 24/7 with no end in sight?  One of the problems may be those useless update meetings.  Check out the Biz TV video clip where Adriana explains why you should BAN the update meeting along with some other radical tips.


Watch this BizTV video now - click here.  

Who Knew! Stats to chew on...


Staffing challenges for 2012, as listed by hiring managers:
1. Retaining top talent - 35%
2. Providing competitive compensation - 35%
3. Worker burnout - 32%
4. Maintaining productivity levels - 29%
5. Providing upward mobility - 26%

6. Finding high-skilled applicants - 24%
7. Lack of recruiting budget - 13%  

  Source: CareerBuilder survey, through Harris Interactive, 12/2011

Reduce your time in the Kitchen!


Would you like to make everyday tasks easy and efficient? What better way to reduce prep and clean up time in the kitchen then to have an all in one dinner in foil. You will need the following:


Adriana's Easy-Peasy BBQ

� cup olive oil

Salt, Pepper, Seasoning

15 Baby potatoes, quartered

1 green pepper, sliced

1 red pepper, sliced

1 yellow pepper, sliced

2 med onions, sliced

4 chicken breasts (with skin and bone in)

Heavy Duty Foil

Tear off 4 sheets of heavy-duty foil. Brush with oil. Toss veggies in oil and seasoning and divide evenly among the foil sheets. Top with chicken breast, skin side up. Brush with remaining oil. Season with salt, pepper and favourite seasoning. Fold up foil in a series of locked folds.

Grill over medium heat for 35-40 minutes or bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes. Open packages carefully and serve.  


After the meal is done, rinse and put your foil in the recycle.  Easy, quick, no fuss and delicious. Enjoy!