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Muse News - September 2012

Are you ready for a new kind of leadership?  Well, welcome to our community.  If you know like-minded people who are also interested in constantly learning and growing,

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Leadership in the News
Ryan Holmes gives CEOs a hard-to-overlook business case for using Twitter in his article for Fast Company The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work.  He provides insight gleaned from a McKinsey Global Institute report. Their analysis of 4,200 companies showed that social technologies stand to unlock from $900 billion to $1.3 trillion in value. Read more > 


Paul Glen, author of Leading Geeks, in his Computerworld article, IT's Focus on Solving Problems Blurs the Business's Vision notes that technology people see IT as the work of solving problems. Business people see it as the act of achieving a vision.  Read more > on how to reconcile these opposing thoughts. 

Featured Article - Leadership is For the Birds

Leadership is For the Birds 


That our human ancestors looked to the birds for wisdom is evident in many stories and legends.  Thus, it's no surprise that we turn to birds now to find the sweet nectar of leadership.


Perhaps the characteristics of these avian messengers can offer valuable insight into the lessons of leadership.  Here, we examine three of them: the hummingbird, the eagle, and the owl.  Read more >

September 26: Blogtalk Radio - Ask the Muse
thinking geek
Author Linda Cureton will be hosting a book discussion on her latest book
 on BlogTalk Radio Ask the Leadership Muse.

The next show is called Leaders: Invoke Your Inner Geek.  It will air
 Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 7:00 pm EST.   

Today, technology is critical to most business initiatives.  Yet, many leaders have no knowledge about how to manage IT.  It's all too easy to blame the IT department or the CIO when technological limitations start getting in the way, but the smart leader will stop crying and listen to the Muse of IT.  As they invoke the Muse of IT, they will inspire their inner geek and learn how to use technology as a competitive leadership weapon.  So how do you access the wisdom that the Muse of IT offers?  How does a non-technical leader become smart about technology and gain followers and results? So, grab a couple of slices of pizza and a pot of coffee and tune in to learn more. Tune in to learn more and hear other geek wisdom from the host's highly praised book The Leadership Muse

If you can't catch it live, you can still listen to Blogtalk Radio episodes on-demand at  
Voice of Your Muse - August Survey Results
Would you like a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card?  All it takes is completing our September Inner Geek Survey and answer only two quick questions.  


Here are the results from the August Quantum Leadership Survey.  Respondents rated endurance as the most important quality of leadership and vision as the least.  I almost thought I made a boo-boo in the survey instrument because it was the reverse of what I thought.  Perhaps folks feel this way because leadership challenges are so great and if one does not have the endurance to implement a vision, then vision is moot.  
The bird most related to was the eagle and the least mentioned was the swan.  No ugly ducklings in this group!
Finally, for inspiration, most turn to friends and family.  A small number of us have no one to turn to (or absent anyone, turn to themselves). Here's some food for thought from Sherrie Bourg Carter in Psychology Today.  In her article, Is Your Job Killing You?, she discusses people in this situation.  Here are some suggested tips:
  • Tell the boss and be constructive and specific.
  • Try to connect with some co-workers and reduce your isolation.
  • Venting (within limits) helps reduce stress -- share with friends or family. Who knows, they may have suggestions. 


Thanks again for taking the survey and I hope one of you got that gift certificate! Don't forget to participate in the September survey.
What Drives You?
Simon Sinek
Chapter 3 of The Leadership Muse tells us that "the breath of inspired leadership" contains the essence of the reasons behind our actions.  Simon discusses many of these reasons.  His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers.  Check out Simon's video.

Please  this to your colleagues who may be interested in personal and organizational leadership issues.  I welcome your feedback at  Did you miss some issues of this newsletter?  Check them out here.  


"Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed; the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day."
- Frances Hesselbein, The Key to Cultural Transformation, Leader to Leader (Spring 1999)




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