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Hi Everyone,
Even though i am on Sabbatical, when important events happen, I just have to take time to let you know!
So here is a short update!
Colonel Billie Fay Woodard, Ret.
and ZORRA!
Final orders are in and Billie and his group are on a full time program to get all of your headbands out. Headbands are being mailed every day!
If you need to call Billie, remember his one phone number now and his new posted hours that can be found on our Contact page. 
Peter Olson
Point Being - Point Beings 
Peter has recently sent the following email message
to all Point Beings.    
I have saved this very vital message for our easy reference on our Disclosure page. To connect  please click here
                                  Disclosure Page.
This is a very clear discussion on why governmental disclosure may not happen.

This consistent with Zorra stating "I Am Disclosure".
BTW... 'Unity Consciousness' (the fourth of four categories of societies mentioned) is a synonym for 'ONEness'.

'Mobilizing LOVE'... Understand, Be, Share,LOVE... Experience, Joy, Co-create, Behavior... Change, I, Limited, Endless... 4, 1, 3, 5.
It raises your level of consciousness. 
It opens your third eye. 
I recommend it.
When we assimilate the above message, the intent is very clear:  we must concentrate on raisisng our vibrations.  It is an individual endeaor.
Through the development of the Hollw Earth Network,  Zorra has given us many resources to enable us to raise our vibrations... Cell Spin, HGH, Raising Vibrations through Tones, Raising  Vibrations through Sharing, Laminine, Earthing, and Diet.
The above procedures, products and techniques can be found by clicking on the following web pages:
This is the Laminine that Billie and about 20i0 Hollow Earth members are taking.  The company gives a 100% Money Back Guarantee and we get the distributor price with no enrollment fee.
BTW, I just learned that a couple of the links to Enhanced Distribuor Information and Recent Newsletters have been down for a couple of weeks!  They are up now.  Just click and learn. 
And with that, I will return to my Sabbatical!
May harmony, peace, joy and laughter be with you always,