Friday October 21 2011
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I just wanted to confirm that we will be having our call with Billie in the morning.  Billie just got home from an extended trip to Chicago and Colorado, so I am sure he needs a little "catch up time" himself. 

Saturday, October 22nd! 
8:00 AM Pacific - 11:00 AM Eastern
1-712-432-3066 + 426672

I thought I'd post a quick outline of our call parameters so that we have a nice easy flowing call tomorrow.  Remember to hold your question to one subject until every caller has an opportunity to hear their first question answered. Then, time permitting, we will allow second questions!

I know it is a temptation to let a question develop into a conversation, but ... let's remember, others are waiting!   

Call Parameters


1.  Personal questions should not be aired.

2.  Prepare your concise question ahead of time.

3.  One question per person until all first questions have been presented.

4.  Please, no repeat questions that have already been addressed.

5.  New to Hollow Earth?  We recommend beginning with the April 2 call and listening to all!  

6.  To ask a question:  press 5*

7. Zorra has asked us to hold the call to 2 hours. 




So many of you have responded to the information Zorra shared with us on our last call October 8th.  I am so happy we have found the answer for all of us. Yes, we all really wanted to help  Billie, but ... donations were not that easy to do. And now we have found a way to help our friends and loved ones, AND BILLIE!  Last week, about 30 of you ordered your Laminine ... they shared with others... and Billie earned $1,150!  We will know tomorrow, Saturday morning, what Billie's income is for this last week. Yes, family earnings come every Saturday.

And just as I turned on a dime, from plans made 6 weeks before, we all seem to intuitively know when it is right for us!  We are all brand new, but already the stories are coming!  I got a real chuckle out of this one...

October 19 2011


My first Laminine...


I bought the Laminine and got it yesterday and learned very fast not to take it at night.  It was about 6 p.m. when I took my first one & when I went to bed at 10:30 it was hard to get to sleep.  Not in a bad way, but I didn't just drop off the minute I laid down.


I had a call a couple hours after taking Laminine & the gal asked me what was up because when I answered the phone she said I answered like I had something to tell her & after I got off the phone I thought about that & had never had anyone tell me that before so I can only attribute it to the Laminine.  Also I was mad at her the day before & then with what she told me last night I should have been even madder at her, but I couldn't find that emotion.  I felt good & still do today.  Had my husband take one today before he left for work so will see what he comes home with tonight.


Thanks Anne, Billie & Zorra for all you do for us.


Renita Farrall


Oh Renita, this is wonderful!  It is just like Zorra said ... raises our vibrations ... makes us happy ... we are no longer upset with others!  Don't we wish the whole world had this?


And here is the written story of what was tearfully shared yesterday on my Just Family Talk telephone get-together: 

October 20 2011



I am sooo excited I can hardly contain myself.

My husband as you know had a stroke almost 5 years ago started on Laminine 9 days ago.

Today he picked up a letter that came in the mail and read the whole 2 pages to me with no problem.

He had not been able to read, talk, understand conversation etc.  It was like living by myself.

Myself and our 5 children are ecstatic with this small break through.

I listened to the Doctor Call this AM when Dr. Shelva spoke about strokes and heart attacks.  Thus, I realize this is a long uphill battle but I feel like this is a positive I can also use as an encouraging testimony to others as I share Laminine.

I have lost 6 pounds in the 8 days I have been on the product and am sleeping much better these last few days.

Bless you for introducing me to this product.

I just want people to feel better seeing especially this is my life's calling through nursing.




Just from our Hollow Earth group, I have been talking with people all over the world... Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Croatia ... all wanting this product.

Just as Zorra said on October 8th, the Agarthians influenced the developement of this product.

If you feel you or someone you know needs to benefit from Laminine, you can connect to Billie's website and place your enrollment order.  Some are already passing the information on and plumping up the family income. That, too, helps Billie, as well as your family. There is NO cost to enroll, NO enforced autoships, NO "Have-to's."

Here is all you do:

To take the 3-Pack 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Trial, the cost is $99 + $8.95 S/H.  $107.95 total.

After the first month we can order what ever we want, when we want. 

One box a month would be $33 + $2.95 S/H = $35.95/month.

Go to Billie's website:
www.laminines.com/billie    (The White Cloud Holdings)

Do NOT click on "Buy" -  this is a RETAIL cost of $45.95/pack!
Click on:  JOIN NOW to get the $33/pack distributor price.
Click on:  Enrollment with Activation to order.
The Free Enrollment is only a place holder.
Remember: no dashes/spaces in SS# and phone number.
Print out your final summary.

Your order is shipped from Irvine, California USPS Priority Mail.

And with that, time for Anne to sleep fast and see you on the early morning call!
May harmony, peace and joy be with you always,