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Dear Friends of Education,


One of our core commitments in the Education Program at UW Bothell is to meet the needs of diverse learners in schools. According to recent numbers[i], there are nearly 6.5 million students in U.S. schools (about 13.2% of the school age population) who face an identified challenge to their learning. These include both physical and learning challenges that necessitate adaptations in their learning environment. In addition, about 21% of our students in schools (roughly 11.2 million) speak a language other than English in the home. This number has more than doubled since 1980[ii].


We believe that all of the teachers and principals that we prepare should be equipped to meet the needs of students regardless of the learning differences that they bring with them. To help meet that need, the Education Program is developing endorsement opportunities for Special Education and English Language Learners. In addition, we recently hired our first full-time Special Education faculty member who will be joining us in September.


We look forward to continuing to grow our programs so that all educators are ready to meet the needs of the students we serve.


Best wishes,

Bradley Portin, Director

[i] U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2011). Digest of Education Statistics, 2010 (NCES 2011-015), Table 45.

[ii] U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2011). The Condition of Education 2011 (NCES 2011-033), Indicator 6. 


EdprogramnewsEducation Program News

Focus on research


New technologies redefine the teaching and learning experience


Professor Rogin Angotti is using video games and off-the-shelf motion-sensing game consoles such as the Kinect to involve students in mathematics. Recent advancements in motion sensing technology are opening new possibilities for interactive visualizations to enhance student learning in K-12 education. New computer software which uses these new technologies allows mathematics students to physically use their bodies to produce and manipulate graphs of functions. This type of "embodied thinking" may assist students who have difficulty learning abstract math concepts.  


UW Bothell students work with Professor Angotti to develop a teaching tool for mathematics by using the Microsoft Kinect: 

Teaching Math With the Kinect
Teaching Math With the Kinect

To read more about Dr. Angotti's work, please see the Autumn 2011 issue of Insight.   


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Pre-service and practicing teachers learning together

On February 1, UW Bothell K8 Teacher Certification candidates and the Northshore School District Math Cadre spent an afternoon thinking together about learning and teaching mathematics. Allison Hintz's work with both UW Bothell pre-service teachers and Northshore practicing teachers provided an opportunity to bring together two groups of teachers who are thinking carefully about designing and facilitating mathematical discussions.


Together the teachers co-planned and co-facilitated small group "math talks" with kindergarten and third grade students at Woodmoor Elementary School. One UW Bothell teacher candidate reflected on the day by saying, "Working with the math cadre was great. It was interesting to see how 'real' teachers handled the math talk and to see how they are continuing to learn even though they are already practicing teachers." Another said, "It was such a great experience to have the opportunity to work alongside the Northshore teachers and to have a shared experience with students... It was so great to see ourselves as teachers." It was an exciting day of learning for mathematicians of all ages!

A new approach to principal preparation  


UW Bothell is now accepting applications for its Master of Education in Leadership Development for Educators Program (LEDE) for autumn quarter 2012.    


LEDE is designed for teachers who work as instructional leaders in either formal or informal roles, and it provides a pathway from teacher leadership into the principalship.  Founded on an understanding that principals LEDEsucceed by providing supports for teaching and learning, the first part of the program helps teachers advance their skills for leading instruction and includes a job-embedded internship. The second part builds expertise for school-wide leadership expertise through academic and practical experiences. This two-part design ensures a strong connection between program requirements and the everyday needs of schools. The program combines both a master's degree and the Washington State Principal Certification.
If you are interested in the principalship and are currently engaged in working with other teachers to improve instruction, this program is designed to give credit for your current work and to support your continuing efforts as a teacher leader.
The application deadline for spring quarter 2012, is March 5th. The program invites applications from currently employed teachers with Washington Professional Teacher Certification who have formal or well-documented informal teacher instructional leadership experience and responsibilities.
For more information on the LEDE Program, go to the program website,  contact Nick Brownlee at, or call 425.352.5369.  


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2012 5K run
Education Program runs with class
at the 7th Annual UW Bothell 5K Run/Walk

Join current students, staff, faculty and fellow Education Program alumni at the 7th Annual UW Bothell Alumni 5K Run/Walk, Saturday May 19th. Proceeds from the event go to the UW Bothell Scholarship fund.

This year, the Education Program would like to get at least 25 participants from current students, faculty, staff, and alumni signed up to run, walk, or dawg doze the morning of the 19th.

Let's see who has more Husky spirit, current students or alumni, with a little friendly competition. When you register, send an email to Dana Bigham in the Education Program office ( letting her know and we will keep track of registrants. Check our Facebook page to find out whether Education Program alumni or current students can get more people signed up to participate.

If we meet our goal for registrants, the Education Program will host a table at the 5K with freebies just for Education Program participants. There will also be a drawing for a free gift open to all Education Program current students and alumni who are there on the 19th.

Walk, run and show your class while supporting scholarships for current and future UW Bothell students. We hope to see you there!
Registration and information


facultynewsFaculty News  

Professor Wayne Au is the co-editor of a new book coming out this spring titled, Pencils Down. This powerful collection of from the groundbreaking Rethinking Schools magazine takes high-stakes standardized tests to task. Despite overwhelming evidence that the tests are invalid ways to measure teaching and learning - and continuing signs of their unjust effects on students and teachers - "reformers" and policymakers continue to force high-stakes tests into the public schools. Through articles that provide thoughtful and emotional critiques from the frontlines of education, Pencils Down deconstructs the damage that standardized tests wreak on our education system and the human beings that populate it. Better yet, it offers visionary forms of assessment that are not only more authentic, but also more democratic, fair, and accurate.

Professor Tom Bellamy's paper on applying high reliability theory to schools was published in the Noteworthy Perspectives series by Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL). The paper is based on earlier presentations and discussions with the Northshore School District. It presents an approach to school leadership that emphasizes strategies to anticipate and avoid student academic failure.  The Noteworthy Perspectives edition is available here.


Pamela Bolotin Joseph's chapter, "Disrupting the Utilitarian Paradigm: Teachers Doing Curriculum Inquiry" was recently published in Disrupting Pedagogies in the Knowledge Society: Countering Conservative Norms with Creative Approaches (2012, IGI Global Publisher), edited by Julie Faulkner, RMIT University, Australia. The chapter focuses on Dr. Joseph's work with new and experienced educators in courses in curriculum studies.

Pamela Bolotin Joseph and Edward R. Mikel (Antioch University, Seattle) are presenters in the University of Washington Bothell Research-In-Progress Seminar on February 28, 2012. Their presentation, "Countering an Ecology of Violence: The Ethical Complexity of Curriculum Leadership," centers on a critical review of the literature of peace education and education for ecojustice for the purpose of understanding requisites of curriculum leadership within these transformational fields.


CurrentstudentinfoCurrent Student Information



Get ready  

for spring quarter!


Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are open to all students in all majors:

Education and Society  B EDUC 320
3 credits  Wednesdays, 10:30-1:00 p.m.  Instructor - Wes Henry
May be combined with Service Learning - B EDUC 452 (2 cr)

Special Topics in Education: World Englishes  B EDUC 391B

3 credits  Tues/Thurs 11:00-1:00   Instructor - Young Min
The course will look into the spread of English around the world and the current and future status of the English language. Students will be guided to reflect on the essentialist and ethnocentric assumptions of the notion of the native speaker of English, the ownership of English, and the Standard English.

Educational Implications of Gender Inequality  B EDUC 461
5 credits  Wednesdays, 1:15-3:45  Instructor - Cherry Banks

Life and Learning in the Middle School  B EDUC 480
3 credits  Tuesdays, 5:45-8:15  Instructor - Cheryl Gordon

Special Topics in Education: Data & Graphical

Analysis: Tools for a Data Driven World  B EDUC 491
5 credits  Tues/Thurs 3:30-5:30   Instructor - Robin Angotti
In this course, students will utilize technology to analyze, interpret,
and create dynamic displays of data and visual representations appropriate for any subject area. 

For detailed course descriptions click here.

Graduate Courses

(B EDUC 400-level courses will also apply toward M.Ed. degrees.)

Theories of Organizational Change and School
Reform  B EDUC 504A

5 credits  Tuesdays, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. Instructor - Carole Kubota

Curriculum Development   B EDUC 591
3 credits Wednesdays, 5:00 - 7:30 Instructor - Pamela Bolotin Joseph

Special Topics: Professional Learning Communities   B EDUC 591G
3 credits Wednesdays, 5:45-8:15 Instructor - Tara Nessan

The following courses also fulfill Reading Endorsement requirements

Early Literacy Development and Instruction   B EDUC 508
3 credits Mondays, 4:30-7:00 Instructor - Nancy Place

Literacy Instruction for Diverse Learners   B EDUC 510
3 credits Thursdays, 4:30 - 7:00 Instructor - Antony Smith

Adolescent Literacy  B EDUC 538
3 credits Tuesdays, 5:00 - 7:30 Instructor - Antony Smith

More information can be found on the spring 2012 time schedule.

Summer 2012 course preview 

B EDUC 504 "Theories of Organizational Change and School Reform" with Carole Kubota

B EDUC 515 "Perspectives on Curriculum Integration" with Jean Eisele

B EDUC 520 "Current Issues in Multicultural Education" with guest professor, Shirley Brice Heath (on Seattle campus)

B EDUC 535 "Writing Across the Curriculum" with Antony Smith

B EDUC 529 "Literacy Coaching" with Antony Smith

B EDUC 566 "Education and Technology" with Robin Angotti

B EDUC 567 "Telling our Stories as Teachers: Digital Storytelling as
a Reflective Process" with Jane Van Galen

B EDUC 591 "Special Topics: Fostering Algebraic Reasoning" with
Robin Angotti

See the UW Bothell summer time schedule for course details.


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Scholarship Information


Kirkland-Redmond AAUW Scholarship


AAUW is giving two $1,000 scholarships for the 2012-2013 school year for students attending college.


Kirkland-Redmond AAUW is a branch of the American Association of University Women which is a national organization whose mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

Application Available here! Applications must be postmarked by March 1, 2012.


National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


Through the National Board Scholarship Program (NBSP), you may be eligible for scholarships from the generous organizations listed here. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

studentalumninewsAlumni News

Alumni updates

Vicky North, Ext. Cohort 2 and M.Ed: I am now the Technology Specialist at Emerson Elementary in Everett School District, and recently got involved in the Microsoft Innovative Educators Program. I am learning so many new ways technology can help my students be successful learners and communicators. The best part of my job in the computer lab is learning something new everyday.

Karie Harris, Ext. Cohort 8 is a 3rd/4th grade teacher at Skykomish School as well as a K-8 music teacher. Karie coaches middle school co-ed basketball and is an ASB advisor.

A note from Education Program alumni

Jon Howeiler, Program Officer for Field Experiences & Certification, recently received this message from Joy Sims, Ext. Cohort 8:

"I am now a 4th grade teacher at James Sales Elementary in Tacoma,  and I wanted to let you know that my school just won 100K from the Ellen Degeneres Show and was featured on her January 5  show. My school is in a high poverty area of Tacoma (our school is actually 100% free and reduced lunch) and this past year we made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for the first time in 6 years. My students actually scored the highest in math and reading at my grade level.   


I just wanted to let you know that I am so thankful for the education I received at UW Bothell. It's thrilling to put into practice what I learned in the program!"


You can see the video here.

Congratulations Joy and James Sales Elementary School!

Teacher's earn profession's highest credential - National Board Certification
  • Laura Baker, Cohort 7, M.Ed., 2009, teaches 4th grade at Cedar Way Elementary School in Edmonds School District. 
  • Tina Farias, Ext. 7 Cohort, M.Ed, 2009, teaches at Penny Creek Elementary in Everett School District and is in her second year serving on our Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB).  Tina also takes part in the UW Bothell Job Search Clinic.    
  • Jenni Hanson, Ext. Cohort 4, teaches first grade at Sherwood Elementary School in Edmonds School District.  
  • Rebecca Richards, M.Ed., 2011, teaches at Chase Lake Elementary School in Edmonds School District. 
National Board certification is the highest credential in the teaching profession. A voluntary process established by NBPTs, certification is achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment that typically takes more than a year to complete and measures what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. This process requires teachers to demonstrate how their activities, both inside and outside of the classroom, improve student achievement. The application process includes submitting portfolio entries and passing examinations.

Congratulations to the new National Board Certified Teachers!

small WWould you like to see your update in our next newsletter? Please complete this brief questionnaire.

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careerCareer and Professional Development

2012 Conferences/Workshops  

Not Your Daddy's Diversity:
Clinical Perspectives on the
Emerging US Multicultural Society

Friday, February 24, 2012, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Bellevue, WA

2012 Washington Educator Career Fair
  • Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall
    March 22, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Spokane Convention Center
    April 17, 2012, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Washington State Music Teachers Association
2012 Conference
June 18-22, 2012
Western Washington University


National Council for the Social Studies National Conference
Opening Windows to the World
November 16 - 18, 2012
Seattle, Washington

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