New Jersey Chamber of Commerce


NOVEMBER 22, 2011




Roundtable breakfast with NJ Assembly Executive Directors

For photographs of the breakfast, click here. 


Next On the Agenda in Trenton:  

Education Reform and Putting People Back to Work


Getting the political parties to work together, reforming education and putting people back to work will be issues headlining the current lame-duck session and the next Legislative session, said Bill Caruso, executive director of the Assembly Democratic Office and Rick Wright, executive director of the Assembly Republican Office.


Caruso and Wright gave New Jersey Chamber of Commerce members a post-election update this morning at a roundtable breakfast in Monroe presented by the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.
Like Gov. Chris Christie, both parties in the Legislature support education reform.


"We have a problem in New Jersey, not every kid has the chance to go to a great public school so we have to look at the alternatives," Caruso said.


Wright added, "Insanity is doing the same thing to see a different result. We have got to do something different; we have got to save kids and give them a fighting chance. Education reform is a start."


The two executive directors highlighted the importance of improving New Jersey's business climate and touted the pro-growth work already accomplished in Trenton. "The business environment has changed in New Jersey," Wright said. "We are not back by any means, but we are heading in the right direction."

"The message coming out of government is very good if you are a business," Caruso added.


To continue that momentum, whether for education reform or improving the economy, the two parties must work together, Caruso added. "No party," he said, "has a premium on the best ideas." 


For photographs of the breakast, click here