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Fall 2011 
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Durbin Ammendent
PCI News
Paper Scams
Does your backup credit card Modem work and does it have a phone line plugged into it?
If your internet goes down, can you still do credit cards.  What if the processor goes down or you don't have a backup dial up modem?  Slipstream has an option called Offline mode you can enable, just in case all else fails.  Learn how here:   
How to turn on
offline mode.
Did You Know?
Quite often on a support call or in a training class we point out a feature that POSitouch has had for years and someone says,
'I never knew
we could do that!'
Did You Know
Slipstream 4.0
New this Fall
A new version of Slipstream has come out with some great new features.  Tokenization for Mercury
Updated Batch Manager 
From Zagat's

A blogger we follow, Boston's Hidden Restaurants, pointed out some recent Zagat surveys he found on the web:


81% of Diners Support Posting Health Letter Grades


45% of Meals are Eaten Out/Taken Out, Down From 52% Pre-Recession Average Meal Cost Increases Less Than 1%


Diners Dislike Noisy Neighbors and Lingering at the Table




We're hoping that the economy has turned around for your business.  We're finding restaurants are opening now at a much faster pace than last year.  
RCS has a New Website
This past spring RCS launched an all new website, www.rcs-usa.comOn it, you will find our email archive, blogs, pictures, product information and more.
Save $2000 per year!

As a result of the recently passed Durbin Amendment, beginning on 10/1/11 the cost to process the majority of debit card transactions is dropping by an average of 45 percent. This means our average restaurant customer could save $2,000 per year if your credit card rates "pass through" these savings. Please understand that Credit Card companies are NOT required to pass on these savings and not all will. We believe the intent of the Durbin Amendment was to pass on 100% of these savings to you and can show you how to get it done. To get started, please contact your Retail Control Solutions salesperson or simply give us a call at 800-767-2212.  Read More...


PCI in the News
 We've all heard about recent breaches in restaurants.  Have you completed a Self Assessment Questionnaire or been audited by a PCI auditor?
Recently some sites have been approached by third party companies that want to sell them equipment they don't need.  If you have a SonicWall already, you likely don't need another firewall.  Talk to your salesman before involving a third party.   


POSitouch 6.3 is Released

New this summer is the latest version of POSitouch.  Loaded with more features than ever. 

  • Tokenization - We're now able to remove the credit card data out of POSitouch almost immediately after the card is swiped.  We take the numbers out and replace them with just a reference to the swipe.  With Mercury, card numbers are never stored at the site, only with the processor therefore reducing your risk
  • POSeGift and POSeLoyalty
  • New on screen discount features
  • A new look for the Front of House 
Be Aware of Paper and Ribbon Scams

Recently a number of restaurants reported being sold paper or ribbons from a company who cold called them posing as a company they already worked with.  They told them the type of ribbons they use was changing.  They sold them ribbons that were extremely overpriced.   

RCS does not call our customers to get paper or ribbon orders.  We sell only the best quality paper that we can find at an extremely competitive price.  To find out more, contact Reception@rcs-usa.com 



Matt Levy

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