PCI-DSS Compliancy Notice

April 6, 2011

PCI-DSS.  Credit Card Data Security


For the last several years, Retail Control Solutions has been conducting a proactive mail and email campaign to alert our customers to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, "PCI-DSS".  We continue this effort to urge our customers who have not performed the mandated compliancy upgrades to do so as soon as possible or risk substantial fines or audit costs levied by Amex, Visa and Mastercard processors.


Your responsibility as a Merchant that processes credit cards includes protecting cardholder data in your credit card processing software.  Some of your software you are utilizing may have been developed prior to the PCI-DSS standard, some hardware may also not meet the standard or both.  


Previously we have alerted you that we have PCI-Validated software and hardware that assists you in being compliant.  To date, we have completed upgrades to all customers who responded to prior mailings.


We continue to act as a resource on these compliancy issues, however, you the merchant are solely responsible for meeting the PCI-DSS security standard.  Retail Control Solutions, Inc. is not liable for any damages you may incur in connection with being non-compliant.  Retail Control Solutions, Inc. did not mandate the standard so please don't shoot the messenger.  We are here to alert you. 


Information on the PCI-DSS security standard can be found at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org.  


We have attractive upgrade options and lease financing available to assist you with the upgrade process.  Please contact your Account Executive at 800-767-2212 for assistance. 


Retail Control Solutions, Inc. intends to continue to send emails, alerts and mailings to our customers to help protect and educate them.  If you have already upgraded your system and/or signed a waiver that you are aware that your system does not meet the PCI-DSS standard, please excuse us.  If you are receiving this notice and believe it may be in error, please contact us so we can determine why you received this.  If you received this notice in a previous email, you may have received it again if you have more than one site that needs attention.




Matt Levy
Support Manager

Retail Control Solutions