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January 2011
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Stop by our booth at the

Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo

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March 16th

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March 20 - 22

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Stop by our booth at
The Wisconsin
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March 21 - 23

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Did You Know that POSitouch has a button that can...?


Most of you are familiar with the most common cell types like "Main Items", "Options", "Multipliers"  and "Memos" but did you know that there are over 30 different cell types.  Here's a few that we find very useful when creating a database or tackling a challenge.


Did you know?


Winter is here in full force.  Fortunately, that silly ground hog is getting ready to come out any time now and check for his shadow.

Winter is a great time to get projects started and set goals for making more money from your business.  Start using inventory or the labor scheduler.  Add some new features to your system, upgrade or learn something new.   

Besides more snow, we're predicting 2011 is going to be about handheld terminals, online reporting, kitchen video automation for table service restaurants, online ordering, loyalty systems and smartphones.





             In the News

How do your menu prices compare?

Here's an interesting article from Nation's Restaurant News: Menu Prices Rise in 2010 yet not Desserts

Here's an interesting article about OpenTable in Investors Business Daily. 

IBD - Open Table, "analysts expect a growth rate this year of 54% in 2011."   QSR Magazine also featured QSR Automations last year after attending the Chicago Restaurant Show, read about it here QSRMagazine.
Both OpenTable and QSR can be interfaced with POSitouch as well as a number of other reservations systems?  Some of these systems like QSR Automation can also integrate with your customer and server pagers.  POSitouch also has an add-on module called Advanced Table Management that can help you run a wait list and manage the server stations.  Contact your Salesperson for more information.


Social  Media

Using social media is not just a good way to reach your customers it can help you grow your business, get more for your dollar, find vendors and get industry news and ideas. 

Do you read the bloggers, follow the twitters?  we found a few that we felt you should know about. 

Real Food Consulting is one we've been following. You can follow them on twitter and Facebook Realfood. 

We're also following  Boston's Hidden Restaurants. They point out interesting restaurants in the New England area.  Here's an interesting article about 'pop up restaurants' in the Boston area, also seeing these across the country.
Nation's Restaurant News 
is a great resource for all types restaurant managers.  Lots of great articles about industry news and events.


You can follow RCS on Twitter as well.  Follow us on Twitter  




New Features for POSitouch

What are other sites doing?

Online ordering is all the buzz, we can connect you to companies that do this well.  Imagine the online order is taken, sends through the internet into the POSitouch system, approves the credit card and adds it to today's batch, creates a check in the front of house, prints the order in the kitchen and sends back an acknowledgement to the customer all within seconds.

Ask your Salesperson about our self training module and it's new price.  Great for new servers, bartenders and managers.  Get them trained properly, learn things you didn't know, all at your desk or in front of a terminal.




Protecting Your Investment

Where are your backup files for your system?  RCS offers an online backup to our remote server via the Internet.  You can also backup on your own, either is a must, doing neither can cost you thousands in recovery costs and down time.

RCS also offers remote PC and terminal monitoring.  PC and terminal failures are difficult to predict.  Being able to see if a PC is overheating, hard disk failing, reporting errors, and general monitoring your POSitouch system is invaluable.  Alerts can be emailed or sent via text to you as well as our technicians.  Additionally, the monitoring program can be set up to restart programs if they stop or fail. 






Coming soon we'll be repeating a few of our Webinars that we've been holding for our contract customers.  Also adding some new ones.  Labor Scheduler, Labor Forecasting, Manager Screen, New Features and Sales Report.  Watch for the emails. 

Please let us know if you have ideas for new webinars.


Thank you,

Matt Levy

Support Manager