Did You Know That POSitouch Can?


End of the year is coming soon.  Time again to start counting the inventory.  Maybe 2011 is the year you start using the inventory program that came with  your POSitouch system. 

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We hear this often at upgrades, training classes, support calls and sales presentations, 'I didn't know POSitouch could do that'.  Often, it is things that are in the program, sometimes on by default, sometimes it's a call to support and someone asks for a new feature that already exists.


With New Year's Eve coming up, we thought this feature might be one that you might find useful  And if you're quick service or do a lot of bar sales it might be good feature to implement in the future.


Wishing all of you happy holidays and a busy New Year's Eve.
May the new year bring you good fortune and happy times.



So, I ask, did you know that POSitouch Can...?

Did you know?