Did You Know That POSitouch Can?

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What is QSR Automation? 
 Powerful VDUs with timing, reporting, ability to integrate your server pagers, lots more, all designed to make your team more productive

QSR is also an integrated reservation system.  Ask your salesman for a demo!
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We hear this often at upgrades, training classes, support calls and sales presentations, 'I didn't know POSitouch could do that'.  Often, it is things that are in the program, sometimes on by default, sometimes it's a call to support and someone asks for a new feature that already exists.


On a recent call we were showing a customer how to search for something on a check.  They were surprised how easy it was to find an incident from over 6 months ago.


So, I ask, did you know that POSitouch Can...?

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