October 2010
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Positouch 5.35
Hand Held Terminals
Gift Cards
Payroll Interfaces

POSitouch 5.35 Coming Soon!

This fall we'll begin rolling out the latest and greatest POS features you've ever heard of.

How about swiping a credit card to find an open tab?

Unsettled check feature.  Once a check has a credit card on it, it goes to a special screen that allows for fast closing of checks.

More on screen discount features.

New graphical VDUs.

Integrated Paging

PosEGift & PosELoyalty.

A new optional look in the front of House.  (Click for preview)

Many More

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Did you know that....?

POSitouch has so many features, I don't think anyone can list them all.   Have you ever thought, "I wish it could do this...".   Well,, most likely, it already can.  Below is a  link to a list of a few things we  find at upgrades that people didn't know they had.   Some get enhanced in newer versions. 
It's fall again.  Football is back, baseball playoffs are here,  basketball and hockey are just around the corner.  The maple trees are turning color and foliage tours are beginning, and it's still hot in Atlanta. ;-).  We thought this would be a good time to introduce some new POSitouch features and discuss some more money making ideas.
Introducing POSecards & POSeloyalty
This fall brings a new choice for Gift and Loyalty programs.  Enterprise level gift and loyalty is now available through POSitouch for single or multi-units.  The POSecard is an attractive program for guests and easy for staff to use.  For customers it allows varying dollar amounts to be added to the card and they can check card balances online.  For restaurateurs, this seamless integration also has a convenient web interface to load value, track liability and reconcile gift card activity. In many situations we can convert your existing program to POSecard.

The POSeloyalty program has a choice of programs, reward options, and promotional capabilities.  You can develop a program to match the character of your restaurants and capture the attention of your guest.  Program options include a points based system, a frequency of visits or tied to the purchase of specific items.  Rewards can be discounts, products or dollars.  Double point promotions or birthday offers are also available.
Hand Held Terminals
The abilities, range and reliability of hand held terminals have improved significantly over the years and more importantly the cost has come down.  A hand held can pay for itself by increasing your check average, reducing order time and increasing guest satisfaction.  Just think, if you can get just one more drink ordered for one table per day at $5 per drink, with a 20% liquor cost that's $1460 a year.
For quick service establishments, a hand held device is a great line buster.  A cashier in front of the counter can place the order and have it ready for the customer even faster, ultimately reducing wait times.  

This is superb for restaurants with an outside pick up area. With a hand held terminal and portable printer you could have someone deliver the food and close the check without the customer ever leaving their car.
At the same time, you can provide your customers free, secure Wi-Fi that you can manage yourself.
Are you ready for the holidays?
The end of the year is coming soon.  Now is the time to make sure you've got your gift cards ordered and at the printer.  Don't get stuck paying for a rush order. 
If you don't have gift cards already, early fall is a good time to get the ball rolling. Let us know how we can help you.
Payroll Interfaces
What's your time worth?
Did you know that POSitouch can interface to almost all of the popular payroll providers?  If you are entering the time reports into your payroll software your wasting time and possibly making errors.  Why not edit it once in POSitouch and then upload all the time cards in just a few clicks of your mouse.  I am sure  your time is more valuable than the cost of an interface.
Please feel free to let us know your thoughts.  Have a request for POSitouch, looking for something to interface with it, or are you interested in coming to a group training class send us an email. 


Matt Levy