July 2010 
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Promoting Your Restaurant
Protecting You Investment
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Understanding and Reading Your Reports

Are you running the correct reports?  Do you balance your payments from the POS to your credit card batch?  Knowing what reports you should run and knowing what to look for in your business can help you make more profit without needing more customers.

So how much are you losing and how much more money can you make by watching your reports?  POSitouch has many features that can help you lock down the system and a number of reports and modules that can help you make more out of your restaurant.  Whether it be an enterprise solution or just using the labor scheduler, all are designed with only one real intention, managing costs. 
Where Are Your Backup Files?
Hope for Hopedale

Two months ago a devastating fire destroyed the clubhouse at Hopedale Country Club.  Both their restaurant and proshop systems were completely lost.  Fortunately they had off-site backup on both systems.  We were not only able to recover all the data but a weeks worth of unsettled credit cards from both systems.
Another advantage, we were able to have them up and running in their temporary clubhouse quickly at a very low labor cost.  To use Offsite Backup you must be using a PCI validated version of POSitouch, Slipstream or not have credit cards and have internet.

For a special offer, we will waive the set up fee for anyone who wants to add the managed backup if they order before August 31th. 
Or switch up to 24x7 Support coverage by August 31st and we'll include the first year of managed backup and also waive the set up fee.  Just mention this newsletter.
Sign Up for a Free Webinar on Inventory
Join us August 3rd 10:30AM for a quick 45 minute webinar on the benefits of doing inventory.  We'll show you the basics on how you can derive a food cost from using recipes and ingredients or just by putting in a plate cost into POSIitouch for theoretical reports. 
To join, reply to this email or send an email to MLevy@rcs-usa.com.
Spots are limited, if we have enough interest we'll add a second one.

Promoting Your Restaurant - "Groupons"

As a few of our customers are now using this product, we thought we would take a closer look at Groupons.
Groupon started about 2 years ago. The way it works, a merchant makes an offer for something, lets say a lobster dinner for $5.00. The only restriction is that they must get 100 people to take the coupon.  If enough people buy it, they get the coupons.  If not, no one gets the coupons.
You don't pay up front to them.  Groupon collects the $5.00 for each of the coupons so they take in $500.  They send you a check minus their fee. You then honor the coupons as they come in. 
The fees depend on the offer.  You can adjust the offer and the number of people needed to get the offer.   
On top of the deal, they also do an editorial type email about your business.  Even if the coupon never hits the mark, your business is being advertised to thousands of followers in each market place.  They use Twitter and Facebook as well to promote the coupons and your business.
Learn How Groupons Work

Protecting Your Investment

Often people ask, what can we do to protect our POSitouch system. Taking care of your PCs will make them last for a very long time.

Some tips:
  • Once a month, take a can of compressed air and blow out all the vents on all the terminals, PCs and other devices.
    Blow out all the paper dust in the printers.
  • Check your connections and cables.  Make sure cables aren't stretched and they are plugged in tight.
  • Wipe down all terminals with a damp cloth.  Do not spray them directly with water or detergents.
  • Purchase quality paper.  Higher quality printer paper will reduce printer down time.  RCS sells only high quality paper.  You can order paper and ribbons from us at Reception@rcs-usa.com
  • Purchase a spare kitchen printer.  When a printer is down, all you have to do is swap it until we can get to you.
  • Keep your Windows and Anti Virus software up to date.
  • Do not use the internet on your server.  Invest in a cheaper PC to use for the internet.
  • Monitor your manager's and staff's use of the internet.  Check browsing history frequently.  Their browsing not only costs you money but could cause your PC to get a virus costing hundreds to repair.
  • If you offer free Wifi, make sure it's not on the same network as your POSitouch system.  RCS offers a SonicWall TZ210 with Wifi access points.  Using that, you can segregate the free Wifi from your POSitouch network.  Also, a TZ210 can take advantage of the speed of FIOS, up to 50Mbps.
Thank you for your continued business.

Matt Levy
RCS Support Manager