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Spring 2010

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We're looking forward to 2010 to be a great year for our customers.  More sales for you, better security and features that will enhance your POSitouch system more than ever.  This year we're going to add some seasonal news letters to let you know more about what's out there for you as well as what POSitouch can do to help you be more productive in your business. 
We constantly find that many customers are not taking advantage of all the included modules and interfaces to our business partners and other software and instead find themselves about to buy something that POSitouch already does. 
Before you buy something, shoot your salesman or support an email and ask us, 'does POSitouch already do this?' Maybe it's just an upgrade to a newer version or just checking a box or two in the Backoffice.
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POSItouch Features
Promotional Ideas

POSitouch Features -  "Recipe Lookup"


Positouch has a feature called "LookUp.txt".  This feature is a text file that resides in the main Positouch PC and has the ability to add recipes, notes or comments to the menu items at the front of the house order screens.  On the touchscreen, you touch the black question mark in the top left corner until it turns red, then touch an item on a screen. If the item on the screen is listed in Lookup.txt it will display a box with the information from the text file.  Those notes could be recipes, a warning for allergies or anything that you want.  There is also the ability to print this information on the check printer.

Some of our customers have used this feature to print out a side work checklist for their staff to follow.  To accomplish this you would have a menu item button such as "Sidework Section #1" on a screen.  An employee would hit the question mark and hit the section they have for today.

Some other customers have used it for giving directions to the restaurant.  For instance, you might have a button that says "From the North" and another that says "From the South".

Most of the systems that are installed have this feature.  For Table Service restaurants, the file may be preloaded with drink recipes for many of the drinks in the default database. You can test this by going into one of you mixed drink screens and depress the ? and then depress a drink.  Chances are the common drinks are already programmed.

In the future there may be a new regulation in Massachusetts that may require a restaurant to have printed recipes and ingredients for menu items.  Using Lookup.txt can make it faster for your employees to obtain that allergy information.  You can find some information about the regulation here: http://www.dailyblender.com/?p=3209

Contact support to get a helpful guide for using Lookup.txt. 
Promotional Ideas


Promote2Below are a few companies and ideas for promoting your restaurant.
Restaurant.comoffers gift certificates to customers to various restaurants for a small fee paid by the customer. They promote the restaurants using email and have a nice search feature. Also take a look at ActiveDiner.com. They have deals in almost every city we looked at.
Paytronix is the leader in Loyalty and Gift cards. Great for a multi store operation. Paytronix can help you market to your customers, manage promotions and with POSitouch version 5.32, the software can even insert a coupon right into a live POSitouch guest check.
POSiLoyalty®, an add on POSitouch module gives you the ability to manage your own Loyalty system right on your own PC, no long term contracts or ongoing transaction fees. Consumers earn points and then points are converted to gift card dollars using POSitouch's internal Gift Card module called POSicards.
IDine® is back. For the last few years they were called Rewards Network. IDine lends money to restaurants and you pay them back when their customers come in and use their credit cards.
The Phoenix Boston sells advertising for Phoenix, Stuff Magazine, WFNX, that you pay by giving them gift certificates which they sell at a discount to their followers.
Similar in Boston is www.Mix1041.com's 50/50 deals® and Click It Coupons. For the 50/50 deal, they sell gift cards for 50% off on their website. The cost to you is you provide them with 105 $50 gift cards. 5 of them they give away, the others 100 they sell for $25 and keep that as the fee for the advertising.
In Atlanta we found WXIA's Dining Deals is very similar to the 50/50 deals from Mix1041.


There are so many different things we can talk about when it comes to security.  First off, there is Credit Card Data Security.  Protecting yourselves and your customers from hackers not just from the internet but from within your restaurant. PCI DSS requirements are getting stricter all of the time and you should keep abreast of the requirements.  There are Hardware and Software solutions that provide the right tools to protect and encrypt your sensitive data.  At MINIMUM you need to be at POSitouch version 5.29.  There also may be other items like firewalls and anti virus software that you may need to comply with PCI requirements, call us and we can make recommendations.
Keep an eye on your equipment.  Check for devices plugged into terminals or wrapped around magnetic card readers. Don't think it can happen to you, this type of breach occurred in a Rhode Island grocery store. This is another good reason to have security cameras.
Watch your own staff. If your terminals are hidden from view, your customers are counting on you to protect them from an employee that might try to record credit card numbers. 
PCAnywhere and other Remote Control programs. Do you leave them running and waiting for a connection from anyone? Are they secured with passwords. Our newer version of PCAnywhere 12 with our "Docking Capability" is secured by our server here in Boston. Older versions that do not "dock" should not be left waiting, especially without good passwords. Ask support for a guide to help with securing the older version of PCAnywhere.
Anti virus software gives you some protection from viruses but don't be fooled, criminals are working very hard to steal and wreak havoc. Keep an eye on who is using your PC and where they are going on the web. Don't use your POSitouch server to browse the web.
More information about PCI DSS can be found at:
New To POSitouch
& RCS 2010

Video Security and Ice Monitor software

Peachtree Accounting Interface

SonicWall TZ100 & TZ210 firewalls with Integrated Wi-Fi

Kitchen Video Display with Order Timing

J2 615 Terminals - 15" Screen Thin Client

24 x 7 Support Coverage

Virtual Technician System Monitioring

E la Carte Online
Ordering at your Customers' Fingertips

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Add kitchen video for your expeditor station. Take a look at kitchen timing with POSItouch, with other systems this could be a $10-20k investment, the features are all built into POSitouch 5.3.

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