Alert - Credit Card Processing

July 1st Deadline for Level 4 Merchants

April 2010

What does this mean to you?
What can you do now?
 On 7/1/10, Visa's security mandates start for all merchants receiving this email. According to Visa's Payment Application Security Mandate, all Acquirers (CC processors) are required to ensure that you (Level IV merchants) are using PABP compliant software. This email is being sent to you because we believe you may be running an older, non compliant version of Transaction Plus and POSitouch. Please check your software, if you are using Transaction Plus for credit cards or using a version of POSitouch lower that 5.29 then you are NOT using PABP compliant software. Below is a link to Visa's 7/1/10 security mandate.
Visa's Payment Application Security Mandate
What Does This Mean to You?
With this mandate, it is difficult to know what the credit card processors plans are as they are not currently sharing this information. According to Visa's documentation, Visa is requiring that the processors ensure that you, the merchant, are using the proper software that is PABP compliant according to PCI specifications. If you are unsure of your upgrade plans, we suggest you contact your processor to find out what they plan to do when the 7/1/10 deadline arrives. We have heard that plans may include higher processing fees or fines, in the end they will likely pass on any cost to you. Additionally, they have the option give you a deadline to upgrade or they may drop you as a Merchant.
Unfortunately, because of this mandate along with PCI requirements, our software vendor has elected to stop offering registration changes to users of Transaction Plus, therefore we are unable to change processors for anyone using this software. This means you will need to stay with your current processor until you upgrade or stop using the software.  As an option, you could go back to having separate standalone terminals for credit cards. Mercury Payment Systems is offering Hypercom terminals at cost if you sign up with them for credit card processing.
Find out more about Mercury and get a quote
What Can You Do Now?
If you are using non PABP compliant software there are 4 options available to you, the options are:
1. Upgrade your software 2. Stop processing credit cards through POSitouch by switching to a standalone credit card terminal. 3. Don't do anything and wait to see what your processor will do on 7/1/10 or 4. Stop taking credit cards altogether.
To upgrade your POSitouch system there are a number of steps that need to occur, please contact your salesperson so that they may review your current version and then make recommendations to bring you current to the 7/1/10 Visa mandate.

We want to thank you for you continued business. If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know. If you already have upgraded to Slipstream and received this email, my apologies. Please let me know so we can update our records. 

Matt Levy
Support Manager