Face Painting
Photo of the Week
Last week students enjoyed Face Painting for Friday Fun Day
News & Announcements
  Jacob and Ms. Lopez

This week children are learning Karate in the afternoon. The purpose of this training course is to provide a foundation for students to train in the Martial Arts. Students will be learning techniques to improve their balance, coordination and listening. They will also begin training in defensive techniques that can be used to protect themselves. The Martial Arts has been shown to instill respect, discipline and confidence into those who commit themselves to the arts.


Swim Days

Citron students will enjoy Swim Days every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please send a dry towel and swimsuit every Tuesday and Wednesday in a tote or backpack. Water shoes are required for all campers.


Thursday Theme Day

This Thursday's Theme Day is Sports Fan Day. Be sure to wear your favorite team's jersey! Be sure to check your camp calendar for each week's Thursday Theme Day. 

Upcoming Friday Fun Day Details
Kensington Hulla Hoop

Bubble Show

Friday, July 27th

The Bubble Show is coming this week. The Bubble Show opens to an array of bubble tricks and sculptures. As the show progresses, bubble pros use volunteers from the audience to assist them with simple experiments.  Experience huge, 8 foot long rainbow bubbles in the "colors" section!  Learn how to make a square bubble in the "shapes" section! And for the "Grand Finale", members of the audience will experience the world from INSIDE A BUBBLE!


Mermaid Show

Friday, August 3rd

Mermaids are swimming to the Citron Campus next week. The mermaids have a wide range of great activities and there will be lots of fun and exciting interaction with the children.