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Citron Campus Newsletter
February 10, 2012

Dr. Okawachi Visits

Dr. Okawachi visits the Citron Campus to teach about dental health.  
News & Announcements News 

Room 3 Penny WarAnaheim PD K-9 Project
Have you noticed jars of money in the front office? We have been fundraising by conducting a "Penny War" between all of the classrooms. The value of the pennies collected by the classroom counts positively towards that classrooms' point total, while the value of coins other than pennies or dollar bills will be subtracted from that classrooms' point total. The Penny War will run from February 1st through February 15th. In March we will have the Anaheim Police Department K-9 unit come to our school to have a special presentation for all of our students. During this presentation we will present them with a check from the money earned from this fundraiser.

Valentine Grams
The FPA is selling "Valentine Grams" for students, parents and staff members for $1.00 each.  What a great way to tell your friends, teachers and staff members to have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  The sale ends today but you can e-mail our Chairperson, April at april@theherens.com to make arrangements to purchase your last minute Valentine Grams on Monday, February 13th.

Buddy Lunch
Citron Kindergarten students will be going to the Mable Campus to visit the 1st Grade classrooms as well as have lunch with a 1st Grade Buddy! All remaining Citron students Preschool through Junior Kindergarten will be moving up to the next grade level.  
After morning classroom visits all PK-4 classes will join their friends from JK to eat lunch outside on the lunch tables.  Students will either bring a lunch from home or order lunch as usual in their own class on Friday morning.  Preschool students will return to their classrooms to eat lunch and prepare for rest.
This event is a great opportunity for students to make new friends and ease the transition to the next step at Citron and Mable.

Royal Court Re-Enrollment is under way! Every Citron student who re-enrolls will not only be a part of morning announcements and receive a special treat, but they will also help their classroom percentage. The classroom with the highest re-enrollment will earn an additional prize. Results will be displayed on the Royal Guard board located in the main lobby. Remember if we reach our overall goal we will have a party that will rival that of true royalty, with a magical Royal Waltz lesson from our very own Mrs. Douglas!

Fairmont Family Night
Join us on Friday, April 20th at 7:05 pm at Angel Stadium, Angels vs. Baltimore Orioles. Tickets are on sale for $16 each with seating in the Left Field Pavilion. It's Big Bang Fireworks Friday! Extra order forms are available in the front office or you can print it out at home. Please fill it out your form and turn it in to the wooden Activities box. Contact Ms. Dodson for more information at cdodson@fairmontschools.com. Ticket Order Deadline ends March 1st.  Don't delay, order today! 


February Lunch Menu 

Feature Article News 

Mrs. Douglas loves Room D   


When we think of the month of February we typically think "LOVE". It is when we celebrate Valentine's Day, exchange cards, give roses and candy and express our love for the special people in our lives. The relationship between a teacher and her students is a special kind of love. Teachers do what they do every day FOR THE LOVE OF IT.  They respect and love the uniqueness of each individual child and the rewards come back many fold. Children feel the love of a teacher in many different ways. They know that if you make a mistake, you are still loved. They know there is always someone to love them through their struggles. They understand it's okay to have angry feelings. It does not make the love go away. Kindness, patience and tolerance are expressions of love. A teacher that inspires the desire to learn is giving a gift of love - love for nature, people of the world, fine art, books and reading. To encourage an adventurous spirit is to love a child enough so they believe in their own ability to chase any dream they have. Thanks to all the teachers who are drawn to the service of others and who possess the qualities that enable them to turn their love into action.

-Contributed by Mrs. Douglas


Spotlight News 

100 Days in Room E


We've come to school for 100 days,

The time has just flown by.
Five months, two seasons and we're half way done,
When another surprise does arrive.
It's the 100th day of school today.
Let's start the day with a grin.
For Monday will be 101,
So let the celebration begin.

Today is the 100th day of school! The campus was buzzing with activity as students counted cheerios, stickers, pennies, and other treasures. They counted by 1's, 5's, and 10's until each student counted 100 different items. 

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Dates to Know Date
Husky Pup

Tuesday, February 14th
Classroom Friendship Celebrations 
Please see your child's teacher for any supplies they may need 
Friday, February 17th 
Buddy Lunch 
Preschool - Kindergarten 
Kindergarten students will travel to the Mable Campus to have lunch with a 1st Grade Buddy 
Depart: 10:20am 
Return: 12:30pm 
Pre-K students will have lunch on the "big side" with JK students at 11:30am 
Re-Enrollment Fun Friday (TBD) 
Monday, February 20th 
President's Day - School Closed 
Wednesday, February 22nd 
Jog-A-Thon (PS-K) 
More Information to Follow 
Friday, February 24th 
Buddy Lunch (JK Only) 
Junior Kindergarten students will travel to the Mable Campus (More Information to Follow) 
Re-Enrollment Fun Friday (TBD)