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July 4, 2011

Issue No. 25

dr. pina on dr. oz show
dr. pina (left) explains the use of manuka honey to audience member joanne (center) and Dr. Oz (right)

See Dr. Pina on the Dr. Oz Show   

If you missed it, please check out Dr. Pina on the herbal antibiotic alternatives 

Oz show video clip here. Please don't forget to click the 'like' button below the video so Dr. Oz will ask Dr. Pina to return!   Thank you to everyone who attended the viewing party.... see pictures of the event here  Also, Dr. PIna and Peter's new e-book:  

Herbal Antibiotic Alternatives 

also in this Issue
the EQUALIZING B Vitamin
4th of July MOVIE Classic

events /  lectures

july 11, 2011:

Food and Your Genetics.

Natural Gourmet Institute - NYC 

6:30 - 9:30PM - info and register 


july 27, 2011:

Diabetes and Natural Medicine

Natural Gourmet Insitute - NYC 

6:30 - 9:30PM info and register 


aug 3 - 17th (each Wednesday):

Natural Approaches to Emotional Healing 

at the OPEN CENTER  - NYC 

8PM info and register 


sept 12, 2001:

Cancer: Natural Medicine for Prevention and Treatment

Natural Gourmet Institute - NYC

info and register 


sept 25, 2011:

WPIX Channel 11 Health EXPO

Naturopathic Medicine: What You Need to Know

- dr. pina and peter lecture together

more info 


for more information about any of the lectures:



folic acid: the equalizing b-vitamin  

folic acid
folic acid

Can a B-vitamin really help medications that are not working? Find out in dr. peter's Psychology Today post:

click here for the article


4th of july - movie classic

13 colonies flag 

scenes from dr peter's favorite movie about the 4th of july  

 the signing (1972 movie: 1776)  


"Midwives to an Egg"   


health and blessings to our service men and women on this 4th of July


cradle cap in infants?

cradle cap

Does Your  Infant or Child have Cradle Cap?


Dr. Pina LoGiudice is interviewed

by Opti-Derma


Learn if this is something to worry about and whether natural remedies are safe and effective for this condition. Finally, learn how you can avoid uncessary steroid medications for your infant and child. Click here to read article. 

cell phones and cancer? 

cell phone and cancer?

To Use or Not to Use?

guest writer:  

Radha Sinha ND (cand. 2015)

Do cell phones cause cancer? Are they the next cigarette?  


Learn about the latest the research and what the World Health Organization is suggesting.


Read article here. 


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drs. pina and peter

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