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"Take a Look" is an e-publication of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies. It summarizes our latest activities and gives you an opportunity to personally connect with our global network!

HumanDHS is a global transdisciplinary fellowship of concerned academics and practitioners who strive to promote dignity and transcend humiliation. We wish to stimulate systemic change, globally and locally, that allows mutual respect and esteem to take root and grow, thus ending humiliating practices and breaking cycles of humiliation throughout the world!
We hope Take a Look will inspire and encourage your next steps of involvement with the HumanDHS community! 
Thank you for helping HumanDHS create a world of equal dignity for all!
Evelin and Linda
Founding President Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs (Dr. med. and Dr. psychol.)
Director Linda Hartling, PhD
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
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